Building on Success

Together we made it happen!

Dear Friends:

With your incredible support and volunteer help, I was elected mayor of Richmond on November 4, 2014, taking office January 13, 2015.  I have served you on the City Council for nearly 20 years and I want to continue to build on that success as your mayor.

The Richmond election made national news because of the Chevron induced David and Goliath context.  See some of the media coverage below:
Esquire Magazine
Bill Moyers
Al Jazeera America
CBS San Francisco
SF Chronicle
Contra Costa Times
Richmond Confidential
Richmond Pulse
Beyond Chron

We received phone calls, emails, motivation and donations from over 12 different states across the country, and we believe that our campaign received more contributions from individual Richmond residents than any other city council or mayoral candidate. It was a true grassroots effort that gave people everywhere an example to look to as communities across the country fight for their voice in the public arena. 

With all the votes counted, I received a total of 8,498 votes (51.34%) and Nat Bates received 5,743 votes (34.69%). That's a lead of over 16.5%! For detailed election results please visit the county website here: Election Results

Thanks to so many of you both local and across the United States who have generously contributed to the campaign fund that enabled us to effectively reach out to voters. We still have a campaign debt in excess of $20,000, and if you have not already contributed, I ask you to consider donating to completely retire our campaign debt. The total allowable donation amount is $2,500.  

Thank you for your support.

Mayor Tom Butt

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