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Mixed Reviews of Fireworks, Craneway Pavilion Apologizes for Lack of Communication

I carried two stories about fireworks at the Craneway Pavilion on the E-FORUM:


·         Fireworks, August 26, 2009

·         If You Thought You Heard Fireworks Last Night..., August 22, 2009

I received 65 responses that ranged that ran the gamut from wildly enthusiastic to disgusted. All of them are copied at the end of this email.


The first fireworks were on August 21, and the final of four nights was on August 27. The West County Times picked up the story on August 26. See below:

Our Neighbors: Fireworks a sign of good things happening in Richmond

By Chris Treadway
Contra Costa Times

Posted: 08/26/2009 09:24:23 PM PDT

Updated: 08/27/2009 01:36:15 PM PDT

Like those who have been calling and e-mailing the West County Times newsroom, you may have wondered about the fireworks displays held off the Richmond shoreline this past week.

The answer comes in a message circulated by Richmond Councilman Tom Butt to his e-mail forum after the first night of pyrotechnics Aug. 22.

He wrote that "they were part of an event at the Ford Point Craneway put on by a Japanese corporation (a Mary Kay type business) for 6,000 of its female employees."

Butt notes that the shows, staged at Lucretia Edwards Park by Innovation Entertainment (the firm that puts on the city's annual July 3 display), were approved by the City Council on July 28 and also had been approved by the city manager's office; the police, fire and recreation departments; and the Coast Guard.

Butt sees the displays as something positive for the city, writing that "The Bay Area special events industry is abuzz that they've decided to come to Richmond for their gala instead of staying in San Francisco, which is putting Richmond on the map for the industry."

But not everyone shares that enthusiasm. Responses that came in to the newsroom about the shows ranged from curious to alarmed to highly upset. Butt heard similar comments and responded in a second e-mail Wednesday.

"I don't know if an opportunity like this will come again, but if it does, I have taken note that we should make a more effective effort

at publicizing it, perhaps using the phone alert system or buying a large ad in local newspapers," he wrote. "Other than the surprise and consternation, which we definitely need to work on, I remain pleased that Richmond was able to become the venue of choice for 4,500 foreign visitors to the Bay Area."

On September 1, I received the following email from Benjamin Falik of Orton Development, owner of the Ford Building, including the Boiler House Rrestaurant, and manager of the Craneway Pavilion:

Dear Councilmember Butt,

Could you please help us publicize the below message.

Subject: A note from our team @ The Boilerhouse  Restaurant and Craneway Pavilion

To: the Richmond Community:

First of all, thank you very much for your patronage at the Boilerhouse Restaurant.

We would like to apologize for the lack of communication regarding the fireworks that attended the Craneway events during the week of August 21. We consider it our duty to make sure all of our neighbors are informed of our events in a timely fashion. While we did indeed obtain the necessary permits for the fireworks events and appeared before Council, in the future we want to make sure that all who have interest in our calendar can get it.  

We invite all to join our newsletter. In doing so, you will be automatically updated by email with  information about happenings on our premises.For example,  our live Jazz and Rock n' Roll starts this Friday in the Boilerhouse-- featuring  guitar virtuoso, Michael Allen. Also, Monday Night Football on our stunning 260in LED TV with tailgate cookout begins 9/14; make sure not to miss our mouth-watering barbecue and both MNF games. Signing up for our newsletter, you will receive automatic updates about these and other events. To sign up,  go to www.craneway.com and click on newsletter.

Alternatively, our calendar is available by going to  www.craneway.com and clicking on calendar.

Again, please accept our apologies for the lack of communication regarding the fireworks.  If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.


Benjamin Falik
510 847 6633


Emails in response to E-FORUM articles on fireworks;


1.         My family lives in Marina Bay, and my husband receives your E-Forum emails.  We appreciated the messages to explain the fireworks coming from the Craneway Pavilion. I have spoken to a few of my neighbors, some of whom may have already written you.  Since we are so close to where the fireworks were being exploded, the issue of a fireworks performance is not exactly the minor inconvenience your messages painted it to be.  1. The fireworks were very low and so were not immediately visible from our homes. Because they couldn't see the flashes, many people's first thought was of gunfire. Some my neighbors did call 911. 2. The explosions were so loud, and our neighborhood is so close, that the sound was reverberating off the houses and echoing around the streets. This probably made the sound seem even louder. 3. For anyone with children and/or pets, fireworks present a situation that needs to be planned for and managed.  My children were startled initially, but then were able to walk down the street to watch the show. I stayed home with my dog, closed all the windows, then sat and fed her to distract her from the noise.  A neighbor learned to stay home on the designated nights and turn on all her tv's to help drown out the noise for her pets. Notifying the neighborhood council was not an effective communication method for reaching all the residents.  We suggest utilizing the automated phone system that seems to only be used at election time for campaigning.  A simple phone message the week before the event would have allowed us to plan to be home with our children and pets, or plan to be elsewhere to escape the noise altogether. We are very happy that there are new businesses on the road to success in Richmond.  We hope the city can manage these events to work for everyone in the community. Thank you for your efforts.

2.              Thanks for addressing this issue even though it was after the start of the function.   I too was concerned about the noise.   When I first heard the booms, living all the way up at 32nd and Roosevelt I thought why would there be fireworks at this time (not associated with a holiday)?   Most people don’t mind the noise when there are holidays but are a little stunned when not.   It was quite loud due to the wind carrying the sound.  When I learned what produced the sound, and they were quite beautiful and extraordinary fireworks, I too was please that a group from outside of the immediate bay area thought of Richmond enough to have their functions here.   I drove down near the Craneway and saw lots of vehicles and people that had nothing to do with those putting on the functions thoroughly enjoying the fireworks.   There were almost 50 buses lined up on Harbour Way for those involved with the affair.   Wow!!!! A display of fireworks can never be private because everyone can see them but I hope the group was thanked for picking here for their event.   Of course any additional advertisement that it was happening would have drawn more people that may have interfered with the groups activities.   I don’t know what suggestion would have worked to keep everyone calm or informed.   Maybe a recorded message on the police non-emergency line would have been informational and free for those that called up with concerns.   I wouldn’t put the message on the 911 line because that would block those with a true emergency.   Looking out the window for most would have explained what was happening. I do hope others are interested in putting on their functions in our city.    It is a good place and not the threat that some want to express.   The first thing that came to my mind was not gunfire but fireworks and who was putting them on.   If that kind of noise was gunfire there would have been a horrible amount of damage to people and property.   Maybe one of these days most will stop thinking the absolute worst whenever they hear something they don’t know about. Just my thoughts as a City of Richmond resident and employee.

3.     Thank you for the update on the fireworks. I'm writing because I know that you have unique access and perspective on the fireworks issue.  We've been grateful for your faithful service to the City, and especially to Point Richmond. We are also encouraged and pleased with the emergence of the Craneway as a destination gathering place for events such as the Miki Prune celebrations. However, we would encourage the Council and City to consider removing fireworks from the equation for future celebrations. We read through the applications, and it's interesting that the sound permit concerns itself only with amplification, and great care was taken to ensure that the amplified sound did not negatively affect nearby residents.  Yet the permit was silent (no pun intended) on the question of the impact of the fireworks. We highly value our peace and quiet enjoyment of our home. The unexpected fireworks were not only an annoyance, but our normally happy dog spent those four nights cowering in a corner of the bedroom, shaking and terrified. When we know that there are fireworks displays, i.e., for the Fourth of July, we take steps to ensure that she is distracted by other sounds within our home, and we support the joyous community celebration. However, on the nights of the Miki Prune celebrations, we were not informed, and so could not take these steps. Still, I encourage you to consider other reasons why it might be better to simply avoid the fireworks in the first place. We recognize that there are few things more special than fireworks on the beautiful Point Richmond Shoreline, we hope that they will remain special, for all to share on Independence Day, and not become a regular thing. This would both diminish their cache as special events, and further assault Point Richmond residents with noise and pollution. We have enough of that. In addition to the noise pollution, fireworks are not a form of "green" entertainment for other reasons, as well.  Please see this link for further information on the toxic components of fireworks, cradle-to-grave: http://environment.about.com/od/healthenvironment/a/toxicfireworks.htm Surely the creative minds behind the Craneway can come up with a new and unique way of celebrating the natural beauty of the Point Richmond Shoreline which does not cause such negative consequences. Thank you for considering our point of view,

4.         I think one of the things that upset people was that on Friday night it sounded like a bomb had gone off! I think maybe the people handling the fireworks may have set off more than they were supposed to as the other three evenings were not as loud.  
Did the City receive any compensation for the use of the Craneway and/or from any permits? Is'nt great that people want to come to Richmond for their event.

5.         As a resident of Marina Bay in Richmond, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fireworks going off almost nightly.   One suggest though, is there some way to notify surrounding communities so were are aware of the event?  That way I can assure that my animals are inside & won’t be spooked by the concussion blasts. Great publicity for Richmond.  I work in Sausalito & all my co-workers were curious as to what was happening in my neck of the woods.


7.         I just found out that fireworks that I heard for the past several nights (it seems at least 4 nights beginning last weekend) were put on by the Richmond City Council. I live in El Cerrito near the Albany, Kensington border. You could hear them all the way in my area and it sound quite loud. In fact the first few nights, I would go as far to say as startling. I actually went out on my porch to see what was going on. It sounded like a war had started. I do not think it is necessary to have fireworks except on July 4th and after the occasional school sports tournament. Animals, including wild and domestic, are frightened by these sounds. It is extremely disturbing and disruptive to not only our evening, but they can be detrimental to an animals’ well being. Please find another way to entertain these foreign visitors.

8.         Many people complained to me about the number of nights that the fireworks were allowed to be exploded.  Especially in view of the fact that the Recreation Department had to jump through hoops to explode fireworks on only one night and to celebrate American Independence.  There's something wrong with this picture.  I received complaints from Laurel Park residents and we live a long way from the Craneway.  I really feel sorry for the people who live at the Marina.  I think this was over kill, don't you?

9.         People need to quit complaining.  At least Richmond has something positive for a change.  They need to be on your e:mail list then they would know what is happening! 

10.      While I guess I understand people's concern, I just want to weigh in on the positive side.  Although at first we were startled, it took only a few seconds to look out our window and see that it was fireworks.  My daughter and I LOVED IT.  The fireworks were beautiful and unique.  We felt like we were given a gift.Thanks very much,

11.      Tom: Thanks for supporting this effort

12.      I am writing to express my extreme concern that we are enduring continuing unannounced fire works in Richmond.  This has already led to the death of one prized dog and to significant disruption for residents and their pets.  In the first place, we should be apprised of such plans so we can take proper steps to ameliorate the consequences.  Second, we question why this is occurring.  Who approved this?  For how long will it occur?  What is the purpose? Third, one of the country's priorities is to protect the environment.  Continual fire works in the Richmond Marina and surrounding marshlands is anything but green.  Finally, we were ready to retire early this evening only to be frustrated by a surprise bombardment of noise. Please explain what role you have played in this set of occurrences. Please also explain when we can expect relief. Thank you for your consideration.

13.      Thank you very much for a detailed reply - not that I will like it any more.

14.      Tom, speaking as just one constituent, I was surprised -- and thrilled -- by the fireworks the other night, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's show.  I'm only sorry I missed the first two!

15.      In my previous reply the descriptive I used was "sonic boom."  Yes, that is an exaggeration, yet characterizes the point I was making--fireworks are one thing, but we have never had a fireworks display here with such loud booms.  Perhaps, the City Council should find out what kind of fireworks will be used and establish a decibel reading that is acceptable. 

16.      Thanks for the response and for your public service. For me, public notice is the smaller element of this issue.  More and more, we are buffeted by constant noise. You know the list – loud sound systems in cars; loud cars; dogs; trains, etc. In Marina Bay, we also have to put up with the noise from frequent PacBell Park fireworks and now, apparently, from the fireworks at the Ford Plant.  The fireworks are for private purposes, the same as loud sound systems in cars, and, in my mind, should not be given permits so easily. Certainly, a single event should have been the limit. Four is clearly excessive and abuses the Marina Bay residents and others. The fireworks are extremely disturbing and serve no over-riding public service. They are entertainment for a small group at the public’s expense, pure and simple.  As you noted, several people called 911 because they thought it was gunfire. Gunfire is a real potential throughout the City of Richmond. I also thought it was gunfire. I’m a pretty calm guy, but I found myself in a near state of panic with very rapid heart rate because it sounded like it was in the street in front of my house. I can only imagine what it was like for someone older and more vulnerable. I just don’t see the value in disturbing so many people for such a small benefit for a private affair.  There is a suitable joke which fits this situation, here in Richmond:  Last night, I was startled by what I thought was a loud backfire from a car. But I calmed down when I realized that it was only gunfire.

17.      I don't mind a night or two of fireworks; four, including two weekday events, was too many.  Thank you for any information or link.

18.      Thank you Mr. Butt, for the information. Unfortunately, I don’t watch the city council meetings on television. I, too, am happy that the ‘cash-strapped’ city of Richmond could host this event. I just think the local home-owners should have been informed better.

19.      This is _______  I do like the fact that Richmond and the Craneway are getting good coverage from these events, but even up here in the El Cerrito hills where I live, we were taken by surprise at how loud these fireworks have been and how frequent.  Last night and the first night there was a show, we thought it was either thunder or guns.  And yes, our dogs are very skittish and would've eaten the entire house if we were not home with them when it happened.  I like your idea of using the phone alert system because not everyone watches the City Council meetings nor visits the City/County's websites every day.  Perhaps a blurb in the CC Times would be good, too.  More neighborhood notices would help, I think.  Oh, and perhaps something like spacing the events with fireworks, like one a month or something like that, rather than a whole bunch in a week's time. 

20.      The Craneway is beautiful and the fireworks have been pretty (we can see them from our place) but it has been disconcerting for the dogs and the baby.

21.      The Miki event is a great thing for Richmond-business and PR. Count me as one who is thrilled for Richmond to have a place, expertise, and grace to host foreign visitors. Come on folks, we need this type of activity along our waterfront! It’s one big party, and big parties are big bucks. This type of business can bring hospitality jobs to Richmond. Enjoy the fireworks and be happy someone is employed to produce them!

22.      I am really glad Richmond was able to host this women’s business group.   Thank you for promising we would be aware of the fireworks next time.  Living at the nearest unit to the marina was a little startling at first when the noise started.

23.      Thank you for the email about the fireworks.  I live on South 15th St. which is near the Ford Building.  I understand the desire of the vendor to have fireworks to entertain their workers.  But by last night, I was getting irritated that I had to put up with it for several nights in a row.  I like my quiet, especially on weeknights.  I would be opposed to having several nights of fireworks at that location again in the future.

24.      Almost everyone enjoys fireworks. But every other night is a bit much and causes more than a little disruption. Pets don't appreciate the noise and the outfit that planned these events clearly did not take that into consideration. It is worse than the routine gunfire although at least nobody is getting killed. Hopefully, they'll save the fireworks for the Independence Day weekend and give the citizens a much needed break.

25.      4,500 women - why didn't you say that _________ Crap, I would have hoofed it over there. Were they single?

26.      Even though the fireworks were moved a greater distance from Brooks Island for the 4th of July, it is disturbing that the council actually considered cancelling them.   This consideration was, of course,  out of "concern" for the environment and wildlife on Brooks Island.  And now, with little or no fanfare - and apparently nothing from our "concerned" mayor - four simultaneous shows have been scheduled.  Another cause for wonder .....

27.      Hi Tom, thank you for your response. I agree that this is a good opportunity for the city of Richmond Maybe in future events they could consider not make use of fire works every night or anyway implement a better system to inform the neighboring areas thanks again.

28.      I agree with the fact that this international company chose the Ford Plant to stage their celebration. That's a really nice space and it puts positive spin on Richmond. 

29.      Thank you, Tom...............most of our surrounding neighbors in the northeast neighborhood  wondered what in the heck could warrant all the noise on this many nights...glad to hear "they" will be finally  "entertained"  tomorrow night.

30.      Thanks for the information, Tom. A mention in the newspaper would be quite effective for me -  and probably many others - if anything like this is scheduled in the future.  It's just that the noise is so loud and inescapable everyone should know ahead. Thanks again. 

31.      Hi Tom, I've been enjoying listening to the fireworks from El Cerrito. Sorry it bothers some. 

32.      I don't live in the Marina, rather, in the North & East, but the noise from fireworks is disturbing, especially when prevailing wind brings the sound directly to our area.  That's what happened with the recent celebrations.  I can only imagine how residents in the vicinity of the fireworks display must feel.  The annual 3rd of July fireworks are accepted because they're sort of a cultural thing and they're expected (although not without objections).  When I'm watching them, I think they're great, noise included.  But let's face it, fireworks are an imposition on those who don't care about the event or have personal reasons for not wanting the intrusive noise, even if only for 15 or 20 minutes.  More public notice will not help.  Rather than publicizing an objectionable and potentially abusive activity and expecting residents to steel themselves for the onslaught, perhaps some thought should be given to another, quieter, more localized way of celebrating.  Like a brass band!  (No train horns allowed....)

33.      Thank you for this information. I will certainly prepare my dog before the fireworks start. I also think this is good for Richmond,but, as you say there needs to be fair warning.

34.      You might be able to find out how many Richmond residents were employed for this event.  DP Security was not used, contrary to what Mr. Madsen indicated at the CC meeting.

35.      _____ and I were somewhat startled on the fireworks these past evenings but, I agree with you.  This is a small price to pay for having the Craneway succeed as a sought after event location.  Having Hornblower bring guests to an event there is better than my ancient dream of having boats bring tourists to Alcatraz for entertainment events.  The Craneway is a fantastic venue and asset for Richmon and we are fully supportive of the events with or without fireworks. Thanks for all you do!

36.      Every night I heard the booms, I felt like change was a-jangling in our pockets!  I’d only like advance notice so I could go enjoy the show from the sidelines!

37.      well, yes. When Pier 39 held ANY manner of loud festivities, it would need to plan in advance to head off Telegraph Hill's influential residents. Typically this led to a p.r. campaign including public services announcements which are (or used to be) required to air for free - which would include the information. Informing the public PLUS publicizing the event. A calendar listing (again for free) in local media would be part of the p.r. plan. I checked with friend Linda Newton who attends all PRNC meetings. She thought is was fireworks. Jeff and I stepped outside and saw them (finally ) last night. But, with being in Richmond, our very first reactions were ... gunfire ! and we were not likely to step outside at that point to investigate. PS With respect, I cannot imagine any vet reacting positively to this 'special event' without prior warning.

38.      As a Brickyard Cove resident, my wife and I have enjoyed the unexpected fireworks shows.  They were not well publicized however and we only knew of them once we heard them begin.

39.      Why have we had fireworks on August 21, 23 and 25? What is the celebration? Why didn't anyone let the homeowners of Sunset Pointe in Marina Bay know what was going on? Although the fireworks are lovely, they frightened my pets, my wife and myself as well as our neighbors.One of my neighbors actually called 911 to report gunfire in the 'hood. I almost did. Don't our elected officials have a responsibility to inform those residents who will be affected by these events? Please let me know what is happening.

40.      Not as bad tonight as the first and second nights.  Maybe the fog dampened the noise, and maybe my dog is getting de-conditioned (although I doubt it). Just lucky I hadn't left the house yet tonight. I'll be braced for Thursday at dusk I guess.

41.      My understanding is that the 3-night project was approved at a public city council meeting. If it brought money into the city's coffers, I don't mind because, as far as I'm concerned, they were pretty decent with the timeline.  Was it pretty bad where you are? : - ?

42.      One more day, on Thursday.  I hope Richmond made some money of this.

43.      Tonight is the third evening in one week when I jumped up after hearing a BLAST ! - apparently they are JUST fireworks! Is this going to be a regular feature of Point Richmond life ? _ I hope not. For some reason - my house being on a hill- the sound carries as if amplified and tonight the first blast was really scary. Thank you

44.      Can anyone tell us how many more nights of fireworks we have to listen to?  This is the third night. Enough already!

45.      Tuesday evening and more fireworks. This is three times in four days. It is extremely loud inside my house with all the double-paned windows closed. This is not reasonable. Why is the City allowing this disturbance of the peace? How can it be stopped?

46.      I live in Sunset Pointe, at the end of Peninsula Drive in Marina Bay, and almost directly under where fireworks are displayed from Lucretia Edwards Park.  I read in one source quoting you, that all proper permits, etc, were in place for the fireworks on Aug 21 and 23, but the fact remains that the majority of us dwelling in Sunset Pointe were unaware that there would be fireworks on those nights.  Had we been aware we would have been able to: 1.      Prepare our pets for same. 2.      Enjoy the display. 3.      Avoid calling 911 in a panic to report hearing gunfire in our area. Our housing complex receives the loudest repercussions from the display, as we are so close.  The wind from the Bay carries the sound right through our streets.  If we know to expect a display, our reactions would be different than they were Sunday night.  As it was I called 911 because it sounded like gunfire when the fireworks first began.  I was very frightened initially, until we figured out what was happening.  We have had a recent domestic dispute involving gunfire only a few houses away, so my response was appropriate, but avoidable with proper foreknowledge.  Does responsibility of notification to the public for such an event rest with the City of Richmond? If “Marina Bay” was notified in advance and provided their approval, as one source quotes you as saying, who gets that notification?  How can we arrange that future notices are shared with the general public here in Marina Bay?   As you imagine, the fact that I am taking the initiative of writing to you, and have already written to the Mayor of Richmond, shows that I remain upset about this event.  I will not soon forget how frightening the initial bangs of the unexpected display were, nor how I felt while calling 911 to get help.  All avoidable if more efficient communication efforts had been made.  I hope to hear that there will be discussion of how to let residents know about these events in the future.  Obvious celebrations such as our July 3rd display, are noted in the news, or are common knowledge.  I am very happy for Richmond that we have these financial advances being made.  Just let’s make sure we don’t unduly stress people while achieving them.

47.      well, it is great to hear that the city of Richmond is being put on the map by the parties that private industries are holding there rather than in San Francisco and I realize your city needs the revenue associated with these events as well. The problem with this particular type of events if that the inclusion of fire works has created several problems for your neighbor cities and citizens. Last Friday evening (the fire works started at 8:30 pm not later like it says in your message) a friend of mine and her husband , were at Point Isabel with their dog when the dog was frightened by the sudden noise of the fire works The dog took off and they could not find it until the following morning when my friend went back to the Point to post signs and when she found her dog on the freeway where she had been killed by a car. Several people I know who have dogs who suffer of  anxiety linked to noises like fire works (many dogs do)  were glad that they had stayed home on Friday night to calm their dogs down  when the fire works started. The problem was that nobody expected fire works outside of the usual celebrations like the 4th of July or the KFOG Kaboom. Yesterday I contacted the recreation division for the city of Richmond and they told me that everything had been done according to regulation (permits etc) and they did  not know what I was asking from them. I think it would be great if whenever an event held in the same location as the ones last week, plans to include a display of fire works, PIDO (Point Isable Dog Owners) could receive some warning so that they could post signs on their bulletin boards at the park This way many of the dog owners in the area will be ready to deal with the noise and their dog reaction. what do you think ? thank you

48.      I just want to register a big “no” vote on any future permits for private fireworks displays in Richmond.  There were two events this weekend – Friday night and Sunday night. We were unaware of either of them. In our Marina Bay neighborhood, they sounded like there was a gun battle in our street. Doors flew open and neighbors rushed out, worried and not happy about the noise. It is extremely disturbing and I’m not sure what purpose they serve, or why private parties are given permission to disturb so many people for their own purpose.  I moved to Marina Bay primarily for the peace and quiet. Big mistake, with the train horns and neighbors who later moved in with barking dogs. I can’t do much about the trains or the dogs, but I sure want to register a strong protest about the fireworks.

49.      FYI:  The fireworks for the Japanese will be repeated Tuesday and Thursday evenings, or so I was told.

50.      My neighbors and I  thought that the fireworks were only going to be for one night, but lo and behold there they were again last night. Do you, or the council, have any idea how much longer this will continue?

51.       yea! suggestion:  it would be great to get a prior heads up and/or be able to access current/at the moment local goings-on as well.  many times I wonder why there are persistent helicopters above our neighborhood (am I at risk?), etc. .hotline?  perhaps it could be incorporated into Richmond website…thanks,

52.      Thanks for responding.  It was not my dog that died.  It was a dog at the dog park that was so scared he ran out onto 580 and was hit by a car.  Is this going to be an ongoing thing.  

53.      I wish the fireworks had been more widely publicized. There were a lot of terrified animals out there, including one who bolted from Point Isabel and was killed on 580.

54.      Thanks.  After Sunday nite my poor dog was afraid to go outside.  Guess he'll have to get used to it.

55.      so what were the fireworks on Sunday nite?

56.      Thanx for the explanation, Tom — our old dog was going crazy.  My husband and I knew something about the event, because we had breakfast at the Boiler House Saturday morning.  But we had no idea it was so big!  Our waitress said there were a thousand Japanese models.  Where are all these gals staying?

57.      Good for business/exposure, but the "sonic booms" which are to happen for four nights were not appreciated by some neighboring folks and especially our pets.  Loud and showy isn't necessarily what we want Richmond to be about is it?  I didn't notice all this hoopla when Merce Cunningham was here last year.  He created a special site-specific performance at the Craneway that was videoed to be shown for his 90th birthday bash in NYC this past spring.  Now, that's something to be proud of.  Merce, by the way, passed away a few weeks ago.

58.      "they wanted to include 10 minutes of fireworks, ... The fireworks occurred between 9:30 and 10:00 p,m" Hate to sound like a spoil-sport, but that was a lot longer than TEN minutes, and a LOT LOUDER than necessary; and if the City approves of such stuff, WHY ISN'T THE PUBLIC NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE, during these troubled times when so many are on edge?!

59.      This was about as bright as the FLY-OVER to photograph the Statue of Liberty in New York without advance public notice. You guys all need to realize that there is a lot of anxiety, tension and suffering during this turbulent period--and more "short fuses" out there than merely the ones on those overly loud firecrackers.

60.      they were really loud and i could actually see them from my house (through the trees..)

61.      Thanks for the heads up Tom. My wife and I live in the Richmond View area and thought maybe the refinery had blown up!

62.      Wish I had known about the fireworks before hand. I lived in Beirut briefly during the war (1984), and the sound of the explosions caused me to immediately call 911.(Not to mention a history of explosions in nearby industries --I live in Atchison Village). A neighbor, who could see the fireworks from his yard, told me that it was fireworks, so I hung up before 911 answered. Now, here's the good news: only a minute later, the police called me back to see why I'd called 911. I was really impressed at the level of concerned response. Yay, Richmond Police. Tom, you do such a good job of notifying us about goings-on in Richmond. Is there some way you can find out about and let people know when fireworks (or other benign causes of loud, scary noises) are scheduled?
Is there somewhere that announces these "gala" events ahead of time so we could be prepared fro what sounds like a war? It was no fun for me! One of my three dogs panics and tears up furniture, rugs, etc. when she is scared; I can't leave her if there will be loud noises, and I was out last night - had to come rushing home, and got here just in time to prevent destructive behavior, thank goodness.  Then there was another wave of war noises about an hour later....sheesh Can you please advise about where these get posted? We are captive audiences.

63.      It’s good to learn what was going on last night.  It would have been very nice to have learned about it prior to hearing the explosions (we still have a newspaper don’t we?). Virtually all of my neighbors did as I did: we left the house, tried to find a vantage point and looked directly at where Chevron would be to see if the sky was on fire.  We could tell, though, that the explosions were coming from Point Richmond but the sky was dark. I spent much of the next hour or so scouring the Internet news sources to see if some business, drug lab or illegal arms stash might have exploded but found nothing.
While I was down the block looking in the direction of Chevron I came across a couple of security salespeople who had been going door to door.  They were quite concerned.  Not being from Richmond but hearing all of the wonderful stories about how safe things can be in Richmond, they were concerned for their own safety. By the way, the fireworks show happened slightly before 9:00 PM (it made me miss the end of the show I was watching—now I have to watch the repeat of this rerun to learn who the evildoers were).
They were great. Could see them clearly from the Berkeley Hills.  First I heard the "pops" and then looked out the window.  I couldn't figure out what the occasion might have been; now I know.

64.      I for one had not heard anything about this...and it was very distracting and went on far too long...residents need to know as dogs/pets/wildlife and children do react to such intense noise ...the need for fireworks is an outdated concept...I doubt that this puts Richmond on the party list...most people at first thought it was gunfire...please make sure that residents know about any further plans that impact the community...Thanks

65.      How about letting the public know so that they can protect their dogs ears! My dog doesn't like fireworks. They scare her to death.