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Vote No on Garamendi for Congress

According to today’s Contra Costa Times, California Lt. Governor John Garamendi is one of 14 persons running for the congressional seat formerly held by Ellen Tauscher. Richmond residents should remember that Garamendi is one of three members of the California State Lands Commission who, despite pleas from hundreds of Richmond residents and the entire City Council, voted against requiring Chevron to pay for the Bay Trail gap as a condition for renewing the Chevron Long Wharf lease.


Following the vote, TRAC wrote (More on State Lands Commission Approves Chevron Long Wharf Lease Without Bay Trail Funding Mandate, January 30, 2009):



“The Lt Governor's questions indicated that he thought the City of Richmond and East Bay Regional Park District should fund the entire $13 million cost themselves.  Chevron's lobbyists had been very effective in teaching Commissioners the ABC's, i.e. Anywhere But Chevron as a source of funds for closing the trail gap.  The Commission's priority was getting Chevron's money now for the state's general fund.”


Also, see State Lands Commission Ditches Bay Trail, January 30, 2009, and Richmond Delegation Heads to Santa Barbara Today to Ask SLC for Bay Trail Contribution from Chevron
January 29, 2009.


Garamendi is no friend of Richmond. He sucks up to big business and is insensitive to the needs of cities. No one in Richmond, or anywhere else for that matter, should vote to send him to Congress.


If you would like to let Garamendi know what you think, contact him at email info@garamendi.org or call 916-863-6881.


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Fourteen to seek congressional seat

By Lisa Vorderbrueggen
Contra Costa Times

Posted: 07/20/2009 07:42:08 PM PDT


Fourteen people will run in the Sept. 1 special primary election for the opportunity to replace Ellen Tauscher in the 10th Congressional District.

The candidate slate promises a lively Democratic showdown between California's lieutenant governor, a state senator and an assemblywoman plus a handful of political neophytes and members of minor parties.

Despite the steep odds against success coupled with a grueling and compressed summertime special election schedule, the large number of candidates comes as no huge surprise.

Tauscher's departure — she was appointed Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security — left a rare opening in a prestigious political office with no term limits.

Members of Congress must run for re-election every two years, but once they survive a couple of cycles, voters rarely turn them out.

At the close of the filing deadline Monday night, the following 14 people had submitted the necessary signatures and paid the $1,740 filing fee:

·  Democrats: Assemblywoman and educator Joan Buchanan of Alamo, state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier of Concord; California Lt. Governor and rancher John Garamendi of Walnut Grove; investigator Adriel Hampton of Dublin; and economic policy analyst Anthony Woods of Fairfield.

·  Republicans: Small business owner Christopher Bunch of Fairfield; retired law enforcement officer Gary Clift of Vacaville; businessman David Harmer of Dougherty Valley; small


business owner Mark Loos of Livermore; accountability system founder David Peterson of Walnut Creek; and physician John Toth of Pleasant Hill.

·  Peace and Freedom: Office worker Mary McIlroy of El Cerrito

·  Green: Community college professor Jeremy Cloward of Pleasant Hill

·  American Independent: Insurance agent Jerome Denham of Walnut Creek

Under California law, a congressional special election is held as a blanket primary, where all candidates appear on the same ballot regardless of party designation.

If a single candidate receives 50 percent plus 1 vote, he or she will win the seat outright in the special primary.

If not, the top vote-getter in each party will advance to the Nov. 3 general election.

The large number of candidates will make it very difficult for any one candidate to collect enough votes to win in the primary.

But the 10th District is heavily Democratic, which means the top vote-getter among the field of Democrats will become the prohibitive favorite in the general election.

Reach Lisa Vorderbrueggen at lvorderbrueggen@bayareanewsgroup.com or 925-945-4773 or www.ibabuzz.com/politics.