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More on State Lands Commission Approves Chevron Long Wharf Lease Without Bay Trail Funding Mandate



From: TRAC [mailto:tracbaytrail@earthlink.net]
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 8:57 AM
Subject: State Lands Commission Approves Chevron Long Wharf Lease


Richmond Bay Trail Network,


Despite an all out effort by Bay Trail supporters, the State Lands Commission voted unanimously yesterday to certify the final EIR and to award Chevron a 30-year lease of State submerged lands for continued operation of Long Wharf without requiring Chevron to help pay for closing the nearby dangerous Bay Trail gap.  Lt. Governor Garamendi chaired the meeting in Santa Barbara with alternates representing Controller Chiang and Finance Director Genest.  Genest's alternate Tom Sheehy made it clear that his priority was receiving Chevron's check for $5.8 million for back rent due plus the annual rent payment of $870,000.  The Lt Governor's questions indicated that he thought the City of Richmond and East Bay Regional Park District should fund the entire $13 million cost themselves.  Chevron's lobbyists had been very effective in teaching Commissioners the ABC's, i.e. Anywhere But Chevron as a source of funds for closing the trail gap.  The Commission's priority was getting Chevron's money now for the state's general fund.


Profound thanks to everyone who helped with advocacy for the Bay Trail.  Commissioners and their staffs received more than 400 letters, emails and phone calls in support of requiring Chevron to help pay for this Bay Trail segment.  The Richmond City Council voted unanimously to join with East Bay Regional Park District in contributing a total of $3 million toward building the trail if Chevron and Caltrans each paid $5 million as suggested by the Lt. Governor during the Dec. 3 meeting of the Commission.  Senator Loni Hancock and Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner both worked very hard on this, and Marin County Senator Mark Leno & Jared Huffman also weighed in, as did County Supervisor John Gioia and City Councillor Jeff Ritterman.


The six stalwarts who went to Santa Barbara to speak to the Commission deserve special thanks: City Manager Bill Lindsay, Executive DIrector of East Bay Bicycle Coalition Robert Raburn, Richmond resident bicyclists Bill Pinkham and Tony Sustak, Sandra Threlfall of the Public Trust Alliance and Bruce Beyaert representing TRAC.  City Councillor Jim Rogers drove most of the way only to learn that the Commission had acted before he arrived.  You will find an excerpt from Robert Raburn's preliminary observations below.


TRAC is not giving up on closing this dangerous gap in the Bay Trail.  Please stay tuned for new developments as the options are reviewed.  We would appreciate your continuing support.





Bruce Beyaert, TRAC Chair


phone/fax 510-235-2835






From: "Robert Raburn" <robertraburn@ebbc.org>

Date: January 29, 2009 5:24:33 PM PST


Subject: Chevron Bay Trail access - Dead



The optimism reported in the January 2009 issue of rideOn was quashed today
by the CA State Lands Commission (SLC) here in Santa Barbara. Extension of
the Bay Trail path past the Chevron Long Wharf to Point Molate and the
Richmond-San Rafael Bridge will not be funded as a condition of the 30-year
lease agreement approved today by the SLC. Bicycle access will remain on the
short shoulder segment of I-580 for the foreseeable future.

I feel numb with grief.

The adopted EIR and "statement of overriding consideration" failed to offer
adequate mitigations for the lost shoreline access. Most galling was that
although the City of Richmond and the East Bay Regional Park District could
offer a combined $3 million toward path construction, Chevron--with profits
of $7.89 billion in just 3 months ending Sept 2008--could not offer $5
million over the 30-year lease period!

Commissioner Michael C. Genest, CA Director of Finance, jumped the gun by
twice offering motions to adopt the flawed lease agreement before Lt
Governor John Garamendi, Committee Chair, was prepared to consider a motion.
The third commissioner, State Controller John Chiang, was absent. Garamendi
did emphasize that "Caltrans was committed to match any contribution by
Chevron." However, no funds will be forthcoming from Chevron.

The supporting speakers were led by Richmond City Manager, Bill Lindsey,
Bruce Beyaert with TRAC, Sandy Threlfall with Waterfront Action, and EBBC
members Tony Sustak, Bill Pinkham and myself.

-Robert Raburn, Executive Director
East Bay Bicycle Coalition     www.ebbc.org
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Oakland, CA  94604        fax:(510)533-7432
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