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Media Coverage
Two Actions to Limit Train Disturbances
April 16, 2004

From the April 16 West County Times

The City Council unanimously passed two motions aimed at curbing disturbances by mile-long trains that pass through Richmond. One would create "quiet zones," a two-step measure that begins by making improvements to train crossings that ensure vehicles cannot get through or around them when the track is closed.

"An audible device in the median or off to one side makes a sound, but it is nowhere near as long and aggravating as a train whistle," said Councilman Tom Butt, who sponsored the measure.

The city can pay for the improvements through one of several grants that are available or by creating a benefit assessment district.

The second motion instructs the city to petition the Surface Transportation Board to compel Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroads to share their tracks in a way that will end the passage of slow-moving, mile-long trains that halt traffic for up to 25 minutes at crossings.

-- Rebecca Rosen Lum