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  Protect the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge bike/walk path
March 29 2024

Tom, don’t let MTC take away our pathway

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Dear Tom,

Two weeks ago we were extremely disappointed and surprised to hear that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is proposing a closure of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge path as soon as this summer, turning it into a car breakdown shoulder every Monday through Thursday and only keeping it open to bike/walk traffic Friday to Sunday.

Bike East Bay fought for this path for decades, and we’re not backing down now. Join Bike East Bay’s Monthly Giving Circle to ensure the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge bike path stays open seven days a week.

The bridge path opened in 2019 after years of relentless advocacy, but it remains under attack from some who want to convert it to a car lane instead. The MTC had been planning to release a report on this pathway “pilot project” this summer, followed by a public engagement process. There’s no good reason for them to subvert their own plans - data collected so far has shown that the bridge path did not adversely affect car congestion or pollution, and even resulted in some safety benefits for drivers. The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Bike Trail is not just a path; it’s a lifeline for commuters, outdoor enthusiasts, and community members.

Any change to the pathway now will amount to a break in trust between the MTC and the public, and we are committed to keeping MTC accountable to their goals. Over the next few months the closure proposal will be considered  by a regional commission whose job it is to protect the bay from pollution and enhance public access. It cannot move forward without their approval. We are organizing ahead of these meetings to make the case that bridge path access is inherent to these goals.

This bridge path opening in November 2019 was the culmination of four decades worth of advocacy work. We will fight as long as needed to keep it, and we need your support to sustain these efforts. Sign up today to become a monthly donor, starting at just $5 a month.

Thanks for standing with us,

Robert Prinz

Advocacy Director


P.S. There are just two days left to reach our goal of 50 new or renewing members of our Monthly Giving Circle. We are halfway to meeting our goal! Sign up today to become a monthly donor, starting at just $5 a month.

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