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  Craneway and Pickleball - To Laugh or Cry?
March 20, 2024

As we get closer to the advertised grand opening of pickleball at the Craneway, the issue and conflicts are expanding exponentially.

With the grand opening just three days away, concerned citizens are planning to picket the venue to protest, not a good start.

Attention Pickleballers! We are very happy to announce the Grand Re-Opening of Craneway Pa

Darlene Vendegna
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Here is the statement from Rachel Hong the President of PB Development Company.
I hope to see you all at the Craneway Pavilion next Saturday 3/23 opening at 9:00 am.
Free play all day in the gorgeous space. No rain outs, no wind. Just sunshine, laughter and great food.
Why would anyone protest that? All are welcome.

Darlene Vendegna
Hey Pickle People!
It's official! Pickleball at the Craneway Pavilion is happening! I'm so excited to be one of the coaches for this great facility in Richmond. I hope you'll come join us, the views are great and so is the food.
Welcome to the Craneway Pavilion!
Located on the San Francisco Bay Trail in Richmond's Marina Bay, the Craneway Pavilion will include a sports themed restaurant and bar boasting over 72,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor dining and event space with 12 pickleball courts, ping pong, and an array of other activities making Craneway Pavilion the ultimate dining and entertainment destination in the Bay Area.
We welcome you to join us on March 23rd and 24th for an open house where you can experience the re-imagined Craneway Pavilion and all it has to offer.
For more information please visit our website at:
Instagram: thecranewaypavilion
Facebook: cranewaypavilion
Twitter: thecwpavilion
Tiktok: cranewaypavilion
Pickleball to the People!

Darlene Vendegna
 Here’s a little Craneway tease. This will be the snack bar, cocktail and coffee bar.
The floors we play on will NOT be the concrete as some unfounded rumors have suggested.
They will be Acrytech with Cushion x
Four courts with wide margins as four different levels for challenge courts and nine courts for leagues, clinics, private lessons and special events. Pool and ping pong (thanks Joola), and proshop, plenty of seating for snacking or dining or cocktails while you wait or just wanna visit. Hoping for courts to be ready my mid Feb

Not a single City Council members has taken a position on the pickleball SNAFU.

Meanwhile, the pickleball people have expropriated the Richmond Ferry parking lot paid for and maintained by WETA as the designated Pickleball parking despite the admonition from WETA that the parking is for ferry customers.

Milo CornejoCraneway Pavilion Event FOOD, PICKLEBALL, DRINKS, MUSIC & MORE!
### Parking layout ###
Parking is available in all GREEN ZONES, with the exception of overflow parking in YELLOW ZONES.
Again, please be mindful and let’s try to not park near the Visitor center to allow those spots for our Rosie’s and their friends and family, especially on Saturday.
Craneway Pavilion entrance is located on the WESTSIDE, by the San Francisco Ferry.

The permits and business licenses for the pickleball operation and the comingled bar/restaurant are a mess. The only active business license is for PB Development Group DBA Assemble, but it is limited to APN 560-181-113, which is the Assemble Restaurant, not the Craneway, which is APN 560-181-114.

Business License No.





Orton Development LLC

Expired 12/31/2023



Craneway Pickleball Pavilion

Pending tax Payment

Not Listed



Expired 12/31/23

Not Listed


PB Development Group DBA Assemble

Active, Expire 12/31/24


Contra Costa Health Services shows the following:





Assemble Kitchen


1414 S. Harbour Way S.

PB Development group Inc.

Craneway Pavilion

Cocktail Lounge/Bar

1414 Harbour Way S.

Orton Entertainment, LLC

ABC Shows the following:

License No.


Business Name




Orton Development, Inc.

Boiler House Restaurant & Craneway pavilion, The

1414 Harbour Way S.

47-(CANCEL), 58-(CANCEL), 68-(CANCEL), 77-(CANCEL)


Orton Entertainment LLC

Assemble Restaurant

1414 Harbour Way S.

47-(ACTIVE), 58-(ACTIVE), 68-(ACTIVE), 77-(ACTIVE)

It appears that Orton Entertainment LLC holds the liquor licenses for 1414 Harbour way South but has no active City of Richmond business licenses. PB Development Group, Inc. is the CC County license holder for the restaurant but holds no liquor licenses.

There are also multiple issues with the Conditional Use Permit, CU/V/DR 1100454.

  • None of the proposed uses includes a sports facility:
  • Proposed Project
    The anticipated Craneway uses include display areas and a Visitor Center.

Building Use

  • Conditions of approval include the following:

Visitor Center

The pickleball alterations have covered up the historic railroad tracks which are important to the historic integrity of the site.

It appears that this CUP that is now some 20 years old is substantially out of date. For one thing, it does not reflect the public trust limitations on the Craneay use or the location of the Visitor Center to the Oil House.  I recommend that the Planning Commission be tasked with reviewing and updating it.

The pickleball operation is also subject to Richmond’s new Ttransportation Demand Management ordinance and off-street parking and loading regulation:


May be an image of ‎text that says '‎15.04.612.020 Applicability. The requirements of this Article apply to: A. New multi-unit development of ten units or more; ه B. New nonresidential development of 10,000 square feet or more; and C. Establishment of new use, change of use, or change in operational characteristics in a building that is 10,000 square feet or more in size that results in an average daily trip increase of more than ten percent of the current use, based on the most recent Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE) trip generation rates. (Ord.No.03-21N.S. ဠ Exh. A, 4-6-2021)‎'‎

May be an image of text

May be an image of text that says '15.04.607.010-Purpose. The purposes of the off-street parking and loading regulations are to: A. Ensure that off-street parking and loading facilities are provided for new uses and major alterations to existing uses;'

Meanwhile, Assemble Restaurant run by the pickleball people is getting terrible reviews;