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  Urban Tilth and Rich City Rides
February 18, 2024

See “Urban Tilth and Rich City Rides and a Tangled Web of Murky Nonprofits” (Click on tilth web of nonprofits.pdf).

The alleged burglary of Rich City Rides bike shop at 1500 Macdonald in Richmond sometime before January 13, 2024, ripped the bandage off and exposed the dark side of a tangled web of murky nonprofits worth tens of millions of dollars with comingled funds, real properties, organizational names, officers, donors, benefactors and board members doing business in Richmond and North Richmond. There have been tens of millions of dollars involved in murky real estate transactions funded by “anonymous donors.”

Despite complaints and demands for investigation going back several years, the nonprofits and their leaders continue to be extremely popular with the radical progressive community and are protected by a powerful group of officials and politicians that includes City of Richmond management staff, most, if not all, of the Richmond City Council, Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia, the California Strategic Growth Council, and even the California Attorney General’s Office headed by Attorney General Rob Bonta.

Urban Tilth is the epicenter of a multi-million-dollar web of nonprofit organizations dedicated to ultra-progressive causes, including the three faces of Rich City Rides. Doria Robinson is in control of it all, and her housemate and residence co-owner, Najari Smith, control the three faces of Rich City Rides, a multi-million-dollar operation. Doria Robinson was also a Richmond City Council member at a time when Urban Tilth is the beneficiary of a $10 million grant from the City of Richmond, raising serious questions regarding conflict of interest.

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Inquiries about Doria Robinson’s apparent conflict of interest to the City of Richmond, the Strategic Growth Council and the Attorney General’s Office continue to be met with silence. Multiple public agencies and politicians have circled the wagons to protect Doria Robinson and Najari Smith.