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  Rosie the Riveter to Receive Congressional Gold Medal in Historic Ceremony
February 2, 2024

**For Immediate Release**

Contact: Sarah Pritchard
Executive Director
Rosie the Riveter Trust


**Rosie the Riveter to Receive Congressional Gold Medal in Historic Ceremony**

**RICHMOND, CA. - Feb 2, 2024** —

A Congressional Gold Medal will be awarded collectively to women referred to as “Rosie the Riveter'' (those who joined the workforce during World War II manufacturing the aircraft, vehicles, weaponry, ammunition and other necessary materials and services to win the war) in recognition of their contributions to the United States and the inspiration they have provided to ensuing generations.
Rosie the Riveter Trust, in collaboration with prominent organizations dedicated to honoring the Rosie the Riveter legacy, has a call to action to invite as many Rosies to Washington, DC for the presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal on April 10, 2024 at the United States Capitol.

If you know a Rosie the Riveter who is interested in traveling to Washington DC for the presentation, please fill out a registration request at Here, you can also find more information on Rosie the Riveter Trust and their mission to raise funds to support a contingent of Rosie Ambassadors and Trust staff to take part in this monumental occasion.

These women, since represented by the famous "We Can Do It!" poster that personifies female empowerment, strength, resilience, and contributions to the workforce and the nation, can now rally around this award, knowing their contributions have been honored and that “They Did It!”

For additional information and media inquiries, please contact Sarah Prichard at