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  The Old Sierra City Schoolhouse
July 15, 2023

You might enjoy reading about our new but unusual family summer home in Sierra City. As you may know, I’m a sucker for historic buildings, and this one has a lot of history. Click here for a full description of The Old Sierra City Schoolhouse.

A house with snow on the ground    Description automatically generated
Figure 1 - During the winter of 2022-23

Figure 2 - The original schoolroom still has blackboards on the walls

Figure 3 - 2023 sketch

The Sierra City School has been a community landmark since its construction in 1883. Located on California State Route 49 in Sierra City, California (population 85 in 2020 Census), the building served as Sierra City’s public school from 1883 until 1952, when it was damaged by an avalanche. Students moved to the Masonic Hall for the next two years and then to Downieville. After the avalanche, the building was sold to private owners who used it as a building supply store, residence, art gallery and vacation rental. In 2022, the Butt family bought it.