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  Sad Situation at Contra Costa Animal Services
May 2, 2023

The following is from Svetlana Hill:

Good Morning Elected Officials of Contra Costa County:

Last week, I sent an email to 88 recipients and not one response received. That specific email was to share success stories of dogs that were within days or hours of being euthanized but were the lucky ones who made it out alive and are doing so well in their foster or adopted home. It was to show you that most of these dogs on this list, when given some time and attention, will thrive and be an amazing companion.

 This week’s email will be a shorter one. It’s simply to show you the dogs that will be euthanized tomorrow, 5/3 as they have no plans, no rescue to pull them and no foster.

Joey- 3 y/o Malinois, brought in as a stray. His breed is naturally more timid, so he is scared in the shelter. But once he gets outside, he’s such a happy boy as you can see in the video linked below. So he has a death sentence because he is scared? Not aggressive, not sick, just frightened. Will anyone reading this consider opening your home to him to foster?

Regina- 3 y/o Catahoula, found roaming in a Brentwood as a stray. If you watch the video, you’ll see tail wagging and a happy pup. Yet, shelter notes say she is “shutdown in the kennel”.

Regina: Black Brindle/White Female Shepherd mix


Athena- 2 y/o shepherd, brought in as a stray in January, adopted and brought back. The adopters said she is sweet, smart, confident and loves to play. She just needs to be in an only dog household. So because she needs to be the only dog in the house, she is no longer available for adoption and is set to be euthanized?

Athena: 2y Tan/Black Spayed female German Shepherd


Mocha- 1.5 y/o pitbull, a stray brought in at the end of March. As you can see by the video, he is playful and excited to see other dogs and just wants to play. Yet, shelter notes state “he is starting to decline and is jumping up in the kennel”. So jumping warrants euthanasia?

Mocha and Bianca

If there were five people of the 88 receiving this email that would step up to foster, their lives could be saved. Or maybe you can reach out to the shelter and ask for more time for these pups? Or to spare their lives? Remember, they didn’t do this to themselves; irresponsible humans is how they ended up here and they are paying for it with their lives.

If you can’t foster, why not join us in networking these dogs? Share with your networks, your social media, help find fosters. Or share with your networks that the shelter is full and needs to get an animals adopted. 

There has to be a better way. Why not require the shelter to expand their foster program? Why are fosters required to live in the county; why not cast a wider net? They currently only have 6 dogs foster homes according to their website. 6! Why not bring back programs like Charm School and Timid Dogs? These programs at least gave frightened dogs a chance at surviving at the shelter. There are solutions to these problems, but no action being taken. Please understand, you will see CCAS’ live rate go down dramatically over the coming weeks and months as Martina Animal Rescue can no longer pull dogs until the ones in their programs find homes.

Sincerely with Care and Compassion for Animals,

Svetlana Hill