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  Next Rotary Meeting Friday, May 5, 2023 Using Cannabis: The Good and The Bad - VISITORS WELCOME
May 2, 2023

Next Club Meeting

Our next meeting will take place at the Richmond Country Club (address below) on Friday, May 5, 12:30pm.

Using Cannabis: The Good and The Bad
Zee Handoush

Zee has spent the past 15 years running a Cannabis dispensary in Richmond, California. Zee has personally met with over 25,000 patients in those years, learning what works and understanding the amazing dynamics of a plant that has evolved alongside of us, remaining in sync with the human endocannabinoid system. It is a living, growing part of our world. It has the power to help us deal with, and heal from, the traumas of life. There is much Good. The Bad is that many are not just using cannabis, but abusing it. Education is the way forward.  

Lunch is $25 or a $5 donation without lunch to Richmond Rotary Club is appreciated. Use the Lunch button in the upper right corner of the website to pay for lunch and fast-track the check-in process.

You can also join the meeting from your phone, tablet, or computer on Facebook. Click on this link to watch the meeting live from on our Group on Facebook on Friday or watch the recording later.

Meeting Location:
The Richmond Country Club
1 Markovich Lane
Richmond, CA  (Map)
Members are welcome to begin arriving at noon (or even a bit sooner), but many members also arrive around 12:15. The actual meeting starts around 12:30. 

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