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  Looking For a Few Good Gardeners
April 9, 2023

Back before COVID, we had a group of volunteers who took care of the landscaping and gardens at East Brother Lighthouse. They had a “Garden Party” once a month with an island picnic. We need people who can make a monthly commitment – not a one-time thing.

We would like to start that up again. If you are interested, email me,

There is one vegetable garden and drought tolerant landscaping throughout. After the rainy winter, everything is thriving but needs some TLC, pruning and cleanup. We would like to do spring planting in the vegetable garden.

Figure 1 - The vegetable garden is a top priority right now. It needs some TLC.

Figure 2 – Giant Coreopsis (Leptosyne gigantea) in the foreground
Figure 3 -,Figure 2 – Giant Coreopsis (Leptosyne gigantea) in foregraound
Figure 3 – Succulents do well on the island

Figure 4 – More succulents

Figure 5 - More succulents

Figure 6 - More succulents
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Figure 7 - Rosemary needs trimming
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Figure 8 - Leptosyne gigantea and Ceanothus