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  New Richmond News Source
March 30, 2023

A new Richmond news source, the Grandview Independent has recently debuted. The website describes it as follows:

Welcome! This is Grandview Independent, a brand-new digital media publication offering news, information, and stories about the people who make Richmond, CA, a great place to live.

The name Grandview Independent is rooted in Richmond's history. Grandview Terrace is the original name for what is now the North and East neighborhood, and "Independent" is a nod to Richmond's own broadsheet daily newspaper published until 1978.

After years of working at just about every publication in the area and not always satisfied with the city's depiction, another news source seemed in order. Envisioned long ago and brought to life by an influx of time created by the pandemic, this site aims to report news and tell the stories of Richmond, its history, and the people who live here.
All photos, graphics, and text are created by us unless otherwise indicated.

If you like what you see, please become a member and support independent journalism.

This is your story, Richmond! Please subscribe, contribute, and help us tell it.

Have a story idea? Let us know!

Being in a drought parched news desert, Richmond can use all the news it can get.

The Grandview Independent is “published” by Linda and Soren Hemmila neighbors of Councilmember Claudia Jimenez.