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  Takeaways from MCE Retreat
September 30, 2022

Yesterday was the annual MCE Clean Energy Board Retreat where staff and board members reviewed progress, achievements and challenges. Richmond was the first MCE expansion city outside Marin County, and I have represented Richmond on the MCE board for a decade. I currently serve as MCE board chair. Unless they have opted out, all Richmond business and residential electricity users are served by MCE generation sources, which are cheaper and greener than electrical power from PG&E. Distribution and billing for all electricity is still provided by PG&E.

In 2022, MCE is on track to save its customers over $74 millon.

Joining MCE has, by far, had the most impact on reducing greenhouse gases and meeting the goals of our Climate Action Plan.

For all presentations, see:

MCE has a half billion-dollar annual budget and serves 1.5 million homes and businesses in four counties – Marin, Contra Costa, Napa and Solano. MCE has a higher credit rating than PG&E.

During the COVID pandemic, MCE used some of its revenue to provide relief to qualified homeowners and businesses.

MCE is committed to supporting the use of EVs, providing EV charging stations and rebates for qualified EV vehicle buyers.


MCE’s power content is almost 100% carbon free, as shown below: