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  Eduardo Martinez Memorial Sideshow Stadium
July 7, 2022

In Item 0.2.a of tonight’s agenda, Councilmembers McLaughlin and Jimenez as well as Vice-mayor Martinez would “DIRECT staff to address interim solutions to street safety concerns (prior to our Local Road Safety Plan being finalized and funded) such as … sideshows at Key Boulevard & Barrett Avenue, May Road & Santa Rita Road as well as at other locations.”

None of the sideshows shown below occurred at “Key Boulevard & Barrett Avenue, May Road & Santa Rita Road,” so it is unclear exactly what locations they want sideshows addressed or exactly how they want them addressed. What is clear, however, is that they do not want the police involved.

One solution offered by Martinez on several occasions is a sanctioned sideshow venue where participants don’t have to worry about being busted. We have found the perfect place. It is at the end of Canal Boulevard between the BNSF spurs serving AWC and the Bay. Ordinarily the City would hire a sideshow consultant to conduct public outreach and conduct a city-wide search to find the best spot, but we can save that money. Sideshow participants have already discovered it and have conveniently removed the gate inconsiderately blocking the road, saving the City the cost of doing it. We should name the proposed venue after Martinez to recognize him for his advocacy for this underserved but deserving population of side show participants. As a plus, it has a great view of San Francisco Bay. We could discourage them from using other City streets and encourage them to use this sanctioned venue by offering prizes for the most rubber burned, the loudest screeching sound, the most daring maneuver, and so forth. Maybe even use some ARPA funds to subsidize the activity by offering stipends.

The only people it would inconvenience are those living at Seacliff, Waterline and Marina Bay, most of whom probably don’t vote RPA anyway. Oh, and then there are the rubber particles and smoke, but that’s a problem all over the City because of curtailment of street sweeping, so what does one location matter?

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Figure 1 Proposed Eduardo Martinez Sideshow Stadium
Honoring Martinez for his advocacy
Figure 2 Honoring Martinez for his advocacy
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Figure 3 Fence already removed, saving the City the costs of doing so

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