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  Where is Claudia?
July 29, 2022

Hey, North and Easters in District 6, if you haven’t seen your City Council member Claudia Jimenez around your neighborhood lately, it’s because she is living in Point Richmond and has been for several months. People tell me that she is living in Jeff Kilbreth’s $1.5 million home overlooking San Francisco bay in Point Richmond.

If you need to meet with her, maybe she will come down the hill and share a latte with you at Kaleidoscope.

Figure 1 - here is a photo of Claudia in case you have forgotten what she looks like

Figure 2 - Look for Claudia at her new digs in Point Richmond

Figure 3 - While characterizing herself as a protector of the poor, Claudia luxuriates in a $1.5 million home overlooking San Francisco Bay

The Richmond Municipal Code requires City Council members to “reside in.. the district which he or she seeks to represent.”

Despite being eternally self-righteous, Jimenez is also a serial scofflaw. You may recall that in 2017, she and her husband, who were principal authors of the Rent Control and Just Cause ordinance, failed to register their own rental property and pay the required fees to the Rent Program after its adoption. They justified themselves by asserting they were charging below market rent and innocently followed up with, “We are looking into whether there are some forms we need to file,” as if the Rent Program was an obscure surprise.