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  Bass Beat Mystery Solved?
July 25, 2022

With a few tips from the community, we believe we have mostly solved the all-night bass beat mystery on the night/morning of July 23/24. It appears to have been an all-night event staged in a large tent in the vicinity of Parr Boulevard and the Richmond Parkway. The organizer and owner of one of the cars featured in the event is Geyfferson Silva or Geyfferson Henrique.

Below is the invitation, and the Eventbrite link seems to be here: They made it difficult for outsiders by making Instagram users direct message their accounts (two at bottom of flyer) for exact event location and additional details. The Eventbrite does say the event started on Saturday, July 23 at 10 pm and ended on Sunday, July 24 at 6 am.

The event seems to be a Brazilian phenomenon called Deboxe that features pickup trucks and other vehicles loaded with sound equipment emitting “electrofunk.” This particular party was hosted by Geyfferson Henrique and Thiago Nunez. The event started on Saturday, July 23, 10:00 PM and was supposed to end at 6:00 AM, July 24. See tickets at

Figure 1 - Deboxe vehicles

Figure 2 - Invitation for party

Figure 3 - Invitation on Eventbrite

Figure 4 - Social media profile of Geyfferson Silva

I have two short videos taken at the event, Video 1 and Video 2. What I am still working on is the exact location. Any additional information anyone can provide would be appreciated