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  Classification and Compensation Study
June 24, 2022

The purpose of a class and compensation study is to determine if an organization’s compensation schedules are consistent with the market in general. The City Council approved and allocated funding for such a study over a year ago. It is unclear when the study was initially delivered to City staff, but it has been many months.

Even though the City Council has been negotiating contracts with the public employee unions for over a year, staff refused to release the results of the study, which could have informed the negotiations. Finally, at the June 21, 2022, City Council meeting, the City Council approved an agenda item I authored that forced City staff to release the results of the study. Unfortunately, the information is a year out of date and may be obsolete.

  1. Segal’s Compensation Report
  2. Union Briefing PowerPoint Presentation presented by HR
  3. Proposed Full-Time classification listing