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  Demnlus Johnson, III, Fails to File for Congress District 8
April 2, 2022

Apparently because of ineligible signatures on his filing petition, Richmond City Council Member Demnlus Johnson will not be among the candidates for the new District 8 in the June 7, 2022, Primary Election.

According to election officials in Solano County, they were able to verify only 25 of the 40 signatures submitted by Johnson.

Johnson said, “We will definitely be challenging this, but won’t know more until the Secretary of State Office opens Monday. We’re currently seeking legal counsel.”

The certified candidates are:

  • John Garamendi, Democrat, Congressman
  • Christopher Riley, Democrat, Teacher/Business Consultant
  • Edwin Rutsch Democrat, Community Organizer/Mediator
  • Cheryl Sudduth, Democrat, Contracts Negotiator/Scientist
  • Rudy Recile, Republican, Small Business Owner