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  Ferry to Bridge Bikeway Rolling Out Now
March 17, 2022

Less than a year after the City Council approved the award-winning Ferry to Bridge to Bikeway Complete Streets Plan, construction has started on 2.25 mlles of protected two-way bikeway on Harbour Way South, Hoffman & Cutting Boulevards. This will make it more attractive and safer to bicycle the Bay Trail to the Richmond-San Francisco Ferry Terminal and link the ferry terminal with the Richmond-San Rafael (RSR) Bridge Trail and the Richmond Greenway as shown on attached map.

The project is described in the Richmond Standard article below with a drone photo. The pavement markings already installed on Harbour Way South will be followed by installation of soft-hit bollards and armadillos in the striped buffer zone between the road and bikeway, as well as signage. Look for the bikeway to be extended along Hoffman & Cutting Boulevards to the Point Richmond gateway in coming months.

It is extraordinary that the City of Richmond has been able to secure funding for design and construction, design, advertise for bids and award a construction contract to W.R. Forde Associates, Inc. in less than one year! The $2 million project is funded by the CA Department of Transportation’s Active Transportation Program, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s RSR Forward Program, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB1), and contributions from Industrial Properties Trust & Simms Metals Management.

Check out the new bikeway on Harbour Way South as additional features are installed.

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Cycling to the Richmond Ferry Terminal just got safer

March 8, 2022

Photo credited to the City of Richmond

A new Class IV Bikeway has been installed along Harbour Way South that will provide safer cycling access to the Richmond Ferry Terminal, according to the city’s Public Works department.

The bikeway, installed last week by WR Forde Associates Inc. and its striping contractor, will also feature new bike ramps and upgraded pedestrian ramps along the corridor.

The bikeway now extends from the Ferry Terminal up Harbour Way South to Wright Avenue.

Over the next couple of months, WR Forde will continue its work to extend the Bikeway on Cutting Boulevard from Gerrard Boulevard to Hoffman Boulevard, then down Hoffman Boulevard to Harbour Way South.

The project is called the Cutting Boulevard & Harbour Way South Bikeways Project, will involved 2.2 miles of protected bike lanes that provide cycling connections between the Richmond Ferry, the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Trail and the Richmond

“For most of the corridor, existing bike lanes will be consolidated on one side of the road into a ‘two-way cycle track’ with a striped buffer separating the bike lanes from the vehicle lanes,” according to the city’s project description. “The buffer will contain a combination of armadillos (like small curb stops) and soft-hit bollards, similar to previous projects on S Garrard Blvd and W Ohio Ave. On Cutting Blvd, surplus vehicle lanes will be removed to make room for the cycle track and additional parking will be added on the north side of the road. No lane reduction will be needed on Harbour Way South.”

The project is funded via the California Dept. of Transportation’s Active Transportation Program and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission as well as developer fees and the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB1).