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  WCCUSD Notified It Is "No Longer a Going Concern"
March 16, 2022

The Contra Costa County Office of Education, which has state-mandated fiscal oversight over local school districts, has notified WCCUSD that it is “no longer a going concern,” meaning that the District, “ no longer fiscally healthy and is unable to meet its financial obligations.”

This is the result of an incompetent and irresponsible board majority violating Board Bylaw 9000(4)(e), (ensuring accountability to the public for the performance of the district's schools by monitoring and adjusting district finances] and 9200 [“The Board member should not subordinate the education of children and youth to any partisan principle, group interest, or the member's own personal interest.”).

The first page of the letter is copied below, and the entire letter is at the link:

The majority of WCCUSD Board members, including the current Board president, Otheree Christian, were endorsed by the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA), which. itself, has a long history of fiscal ineptitude in public policy. This could happen to the City of Richmond, which is also controlled by the RPA.