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  Merry Christmas to the Mayor-elect
December 24, 2022

I wanted to leave a few things as Christmas presents for Mayor-elect Eduardo Martinez. Most are items that were once essential but will no longer be needed by me.

Figure 1 – I gift him the official generic Richmond “Office of the Mayor” jacket to keep him warm as he attends public events beginning in January during these cold winter days and nights.

Figure 2 – I gift him my treasured “Da Mayor” hat that was, in turn, a gift from Willie Brown. I won’t be needing this anymore.

Figure 3 – I gift him Mark Wassberg, whom I will never have to listen to again, but who will haunt every City Council meeting with vulgar homophobic and xenophobic rants

The Most Diverse City in the United States

Figure 4 – I gift him this City of Richmond logo used by the Mayor’s Office these past 8 years

Figure 5 – I gift this can of indispensable Bullshit Repellant that is almost used up but may have one or two squirts left.

Figure 6 - This glove, ball and hat will come in handy when you throw out the first pitch of the Little League baseball season.