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  The Balance of Power in Richmond - Breaking it Down
October 16, 2022

The November election continues to puzzle many Richmond voters who do not have any City Council members on their ballot. That’s because we adopted a district system. If there is not a seat up for election in your district, there will be no candidates on your ballot other than mayor. I have already provided my recommendations in:

To break it down further, there are four of seven positions up for election:

  • The mayor (at large)
  • District 2 - Point Richmond, Parchester, North Richmond and Hilltop
  • District 3 – Atchison Village, Santa Fe, Coronado, Cortez-Stege
  • District 4 – El Sobrante, Hilltop

City council members whose current term has expired include:

  • Mayor – Tom Butt (termed out – not running)
  • Nat Bates (running for mayor)
  • Eduardo Martinez (running for mayor)
  • Demnlus Johnson (not running)

All three city council seats not up for election are held by hard core RPA members.

  • District 1 – Melvin Willis
  • District 5 – Gayle McLaughlin
  • District 6 – Claudia Jimenez

If ONLY ONE RPA member or sympathizer is elected, RPA control of Richmond will continue for at least the next two years. RPA members and sympathizers include:

  • District 2 – Cesar Zepeda
  • District 3 – Doria Robinson
  • District 4 – Jamin Purcell
  • Mayor – Eduardo Martinez

These are NOT the candidates you want to vote for.

The future of Richmond is at stake. This is not a pick and choose election. This is an RPA referendum. If you like the way the RPA has defunded the police, encouraged homeless camps, sideshows, illegal fireworks and trash on the streets, then by all means vote for the RPA candidates and continuation of the status quo. If you want less economic development, less fiscal responsibility more NIMBYism, and a business unfriendly city, go for the RPA candidates.

If you want to see Richmond change for the better and be a truly progressive city, select a non-RPA candidate.