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  City Backpedals on 8 Western Drive Encroachment Agreement
January 5, 2022

Figure 1 - Encroachment on public right-of-way at 8 Western

After a lawsuit was filed by multiple neighbors, the City of Richmond has decided to terminate the illegal encroachment agreement for 8 Western Drive.

This entire saga was started by public works staff, endorsed by the City Attorney’s Office and executed by the former city manager – over objections by neighbors. When I pointed out how flawed it was (See “How to Homestead Land in Richmond,” September 11. 2021), the former city attorney doubled down, circled the wagons and excoriated me for making it a public issue.

They city has probably spent $10,000 to $20,000 defending the agreement before realizing it was dead on arrival and deciding to terminate the agreement.