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  MCE Board MCE Continues to Lead in California Renewal Electricity Innovation
September 29, 2021

MCE Board Continues to Lead in California Renewal Electricity Innovation
MCE Continues to Lead in California Renewable Electricity Innovation
MCE’s 2020 power supply mix vastly exceeds state renewable energy average.

SAN RAFAEL and CONCORD, Calif. — MCE is excited to announce the release of its 2020 Power Content Label, which showcases MCE’s leadership in renewable electricity innovation in California. In 2020, MCE’s basic service option, Light Green, was 61% renewable and 91% greenhouse gas free, offering customers almost twice the amount of renewable energy compared to California’s state average of 33%. Since 2010, MCE has more than doubled its renewable energy content from 28% to 61% while significantly increasing its customer base by 5300% – from 10,000 to more than 540,000 accounts across four Bay Area counties.

“Vallejo is one of MCE’s newest member communities, and one of the most disadvantaged cities in the Bay Area. Being identified by the California Department of Public Health as a community with high health risks posed by environmental contaminants made it an easy decision to join MCE,” said Katy Miessner, MCE Board member and Vallejo city council member. “MCE’s proven track record of providing cost-competitive clean energy will help our city meet climate action targets and decrease harmful emissions that impact the health of our residents. We are proud to partner with MCE in the fight against climate change and the impact it has on our most vulnerable populations.”

MCE’s clean energy highlights:

  • Over 99% of MCE’s power is sourced from clean energy resources, including bioenergy, geothermal, wind, solar, and hydroelectric.
  • MCE’s basic energy service provides 61% renewable energy from bioenergy, geothermal, wind and solar.
  • 72% of MCE’s renewable energy content is sourced from the highest value Power Content Category 1 (PCC1) renewables located in California.
  • Since 2010, MCE has invested more than $1.7 billion in new California renewable projects.
  • MCE has always offered a 100% renewable energy product with MCE Deep Green and launched a locally-sourced 100% solar product, Local Sol, in 2017. 

View the full release online here.