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  Study Names Richmond the Most Diverse City in the US
September 19, 2021

A group called “Finder” conducted an analysis that found Richmond CA to be the most diverse city in the U.S.

America is the fourth-largest country in the world by land mass and the third most populous country. When combined, these two factors make the country a very diverse place to live. Which got us thinking: Which is the most diverse city in the country? To find out which cities are most and least diverse in the US, we analyzed census data for 17 key diversity factors and grouped those factors into three categories: Cultural diversity Socioeconomic diversity Household diversity We then used the results to score the cities based on overall diversity. We found 209 different cities with enough data to satisfy each of the criteria.

Top five most diverse cities in the US

California is home to 51 out of 209 cities listed on our diversity index, with its cities earning an average overall diversity score of 58.28. Texas is the only other state on the list with double-digit entries at 13 cities and an average score of 56.84. Unsurprisingly, a California city tops our list.

  1. Richmond, California. Coming in first for diversity is Richmond, California, with an overall, or combined, diversity score of 62.23. Richmond’s score is bolstered by its third-place ranking for cultural diversity with a score of 32.6, which accounts for sex, race, ethnicity, age, language, place of birth and citizenship. Richmond scores 18.3 for socioeconomic diversity — or 46th on our list of cities in this category. This is calculated using educational attainment, income, occupation, industry, class of worker and veteran status scores. Finally, Richmond scores 11.4 for household diversity, holding the 33rd position in this category, which looks at household type, marital status, family type and family size.

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