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  September Recall Election
August 3, 2021

A recall ballot in California consists of two questions: whether the incumbent should be recalled, and if recalled, which challenger should replace them. If a majority of voters favor removing the incumbent by selecting "yes" on the first question, then the challenger who receives the most votes finishes out the incumbent's term in office.

If a majority of votes cast are not against the recall, Governor Newsom could be replaced with someone receiving only small fraction of the total vote. In the 2018 election, Newsome won with 61.9% of the vote, with his closet rival, John Cox, receiving only 38.1%. If 51% of the voters favored a recall, Newsom could be replaced with Cox if Cox received only 10% of the vote!

Your vote is critical, and I urge you to vote and to vote against the recall.

Below are dates regarding the September 14, 2021, election.  Other information may be found at: