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  The Richmond Trifecta - LSD, Pot and Hash
August 1, 2021

I knew Richmond hosted Owsley Stanley, the King of LSD, and Bruce Perlowin, the King of Pot, but I did not know until now that there was also Frenchy Cannoli, the King of Hash!

8/1/2021 Frenchy Cannoli, Ardent Evangelist for Hashish, Dies at 64 - The New York Times

Frenchy Cannoli, Ardent Evangelist for Hashish, Dies at 64 He left France at 18 for a nearly two-decade sojourn to India, Nepal, Mexico and Morocco to learn the secrets of making hash and became an authority. By Richard Sandomir July 31, 2021 Frenchy Cannoli, a renowned hashish evangelist who spent 18 years as a nomad learning to make the drug from the resin of the cannabis plant in rural parts of Asia, Africa and Mexico, died on July 18 in San Francisco.

He was 64. The cause was complications during surgery, said his wife, Kimberly Hooks, who is affectionately known as Madame Cannoli in her husband’s world. Mr. Cannoli — a nom de ganja for the way that he rolled resin like the Italian pastry — blended a true believer’s love of the drug with a connoisseur’s nose for quality and an enthusiast’s zeal for the hashish that comes from cannabis grown in Northern California. “I’ve been making hash all my life,” he said, in his thick French accent, during a speech to the Concentration cannabis conference in 2019. “It’s not a big deal — it’s my life.”

Figure 1 – Frenchy Cannoli (

His hashish earned him respect in cannabis circles, as did his workshops, “Lost Art of the Hashishin,” which taught artisanal producers and home gardeners in the United States, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands how to harvest the resin glands of the cannabis plants, known as trichomes.

He wrote widely and left behind two unfinished books, one a history of cannabis concentrates and the other a hash-making manual. Mr. Cannoli, who lived in Richmond, Calif., was also helping cannabis producers from Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties — known as the Emerald Triangle — get legally protected geographic designations from the State of California for their products the way that the Champagne, Napa Valley and Bordeaux regions did long ago in the wine industry. And he is the subject of a documentary series, “Frenchy Dreams of Hashish,” that has yet to be released.

“I’d been smoking marijuana since I was 14 and met Frenchy when I was 33 and learned more about the plant in those two years than in the 15 I’d been smoking,” the director, Jake Remington, said by phone. “I just remember, me and Frenchy, the camera rolling, going from farm to farm, smoking joint after joint.”