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  Bay Trail Richmond 2021 Mid Year Report!
July 8, 2021

Following is the 21st Bay Trail Richmond Mid Year Report prepared by TRAC, the Trails for Richmond Action Committee. This upbeat, colorful report summarizes great strides made toward completing and improving the Bay Trail in Richmond. The City Council approved a contract to construct 2-1/4 miles of cycle track on Cutting & Hoffman Blvds. and Harbour Way South between the Richmond-SF Ferry Terminal and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Trail. East Bay Regional Park District launched plans to extend the Bay Trail northward along the San Pablo Bay Shoreline from Point Pinole. Read the report to learn about these projects, the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Trail, places to eat and drink along the Bay Trail and more.

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Please share the report with your friends and neighbors by forwarding this email or by printing it. They may join you in receiving news about Bay Trail events and progress by emailing The report also may be downloaded from may be downloaded from  .
For maps and other information about the Bay Trail, please visit TRAC’s website (  TRAC greatly appreciates your support for completing the Bay Trail in Richmond.  

Bruce Beyaert, Chair & Bruce Brubaker, Vice Chair
TRAC Steering Committee

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