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  A Busy Night for the Richmond Fire Department
July 5, 2021

Following is the Richmond Fire Department summary of last night’s activities compiled by Battalion Chief Aaron Osorio and forwarded by Chief Michael Smith:

All Richmond Fire companies (except 63) were extremely busy from 1700-0100 hours. From 0730 on 7/4 through 0730 on 7/5, we ran a total of 27 fire related calls. 9 vegetation fires and 1 structure fire in Rodeo. The remainder of the fire incidents were trash or debris fires. 

We responded to 4 significant incidents.

  1. 109 Meadowlark Way, Rodeo - Structure Fire. 1 home fully involved with 4 other properties sustaining significant damage to outbuildings, vegetation, and fencing. BC 64/E61/BS61
  2. 3132 Southhampton Ct - Vegetation Fire. 1/4 acre between multiple residents. Cause: juveniles setting off fireworks. E68/E70/E69/BC64
  3. 818 Dornan DR - Vegetation Fire. 1/4 acre mid slope along the hiking path. Unknown cause. No fireworks witnessed in the area. E67/E62
  4. 801 Banks Dr. - Vegetation Fire. 3 acres in Point Pinole Park. Cause: Large number of fireworks being set off on Banks Drive and over the park. PD requested. BC64/BC7/BC71/E62/E70/E69/E64/E68/E66/EBRPD Type 3, Type 6, Water Tender, BC
  5. 1244 Kelsey St. - Vegetation Fire. 1/4 acre. Access blocked by 200+ people attending block party. Roadblocks set up by residents prevented access. RPD requested for scene safety and to assist with access. Cause: Large fireworks show. BC64/E62/E61

In general, the use of fireworks across the city was at a level I have never witnessed before. To say it was excessive would be an understatement.

There were no fireworks related injuries that I am aware of that we responded to and very few confiscated fireworks were dropped off by RPD.