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  Nat Bates on Fireworks and Other Issues
July 4, 2021

Nat Bates has been on the City Council off and on since 1967, making him the senior member, and he has seen a lot. I think he has finally seen too much.

From: Nathaniel Bates <>
Sent: Sunday, July 4, 2021 1:55 PM
Subject: Re: Constant Fireworks in Richmond

Dear XXXX,

I apologize for the unusual amount of fireworks in your and other neighborhoods. No community in this modern day society should have to endure such disrespect toward our law abiding citizens.

During our recent budget session, this Socialist  Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) chose to defund and eliminate 12 police officers positions in favor of hiring 6 Officers of Neighborhood Safety and 8 so called Social Health Care workers whose work description have yet to be defined. This action came after the Chief of Police Bisa French stated unequivocally the loss of these 12 police positions would dramatically affect the delivery services to the community and that she would not have the manpower to respond to complaints regarding fireworks, prostitution, loud party noises, petty thefts and misdemeanor violation as in the past. Yet this RPA majority led by Councilmember Gayle McLaughlin and supported by Councilmembers  Eduardo Martinez, Melvin Willis, your district council member Claudia Jimenez along with Demnlus Johnson (Both Mayor Butt and I opposed)voted to ignored the Chief and other late enforcement experts who advocated for a strong police personnel in view of the recent increase in crime throughout this nation and in particularly in the City of Richmond.

I also agree with your observation in regards to how filthy and dirty this city has become. Should you drive on 26th & MacDonald Avenue you will witness an individual who have established a residence on the city street. He previously was located in front of the Senior Citizen Center but when I complained strenuously, the city directed him to move whereas he complied by moving across the street.  Contra Costa County and Supervisor John Gioia have taken our beautiful Courtyard Marriott Hotel and our motel on Cutting and Canal Boulevard off the tax rolls by housing the homeless and yet they seems to refuse to relocate this individual.

Finally, it is sad to say that unfortunately this ill informed electorate have elected individuals who are committed to the ideas and principles of the Socialistic Richmond Progressive Alliance who is in partnership with SEIU Local 1021 union. This union supports all of the RPA activities including partially funding their rental facility on MacDonald Avenue across from Casper’s hotdog location, financially supporting the RPA propaganda Newspaper called the Sun as well as contributing to each RPA candidate for public office.  In exchange SEIU Local 1021 union receive union paying dues members like the recent addition of 6 ONS and 8 Health Crisis positions as well as a current proposal to increases salaries to SEIU union employees beyond what public safety and SEIU Local 21 will be offered.

Yes indeed, this electorate has created a Richmond Progressive Alliance political monster that is completely out of control with power while dictating and dominating every aspect of the lives of the citizens of Richmond.

Should you follow the city council meetings and discussions, this RPA council is proposing to eliminate the requirement city employees must speak English. Although the US Constitution make it illegal to vote unless you are a citizen, this RPA group of five are prepared to vote to permit undocumented individuals to vote in city elections despite what California and the US Government mandates.

Just like Donald Trump, many of the electorate  are responsible for electing these individuals to the council and it will be up to you to respond accordingly.

Finally, during my four decades as a member on the city council while serving twice as Mayor, numerous times as Vice Mayor, I can honestly say, I have never experienced working with such an incompetent and power hungry council that has in my opinion sold out to one union, SEIU, Local 1021 for power and the possibility of being elected and re-elected. Yes, in the past we have had the Woody Snodgrass, Burt Coffey/Sy Zell and the Darryl Reese political machines but they were decent and were in addition to looking out for their special interest clients, they were also concerned about the welfare of the citizenry of the city unlike the greed of the present RPA and SEIU Local 1021. These are my personal opinion and I stand 100% by them.

Thanks again XXXXX for your email and please be aware that I was elected as an at large council member in 2018 and continue to represent you and all of Richmond despite the city having voted in district elections. Therefore, feel free to contact me at any time on any issue pertaining to the city.


Nat Bates, Senior Councilmember

Happy Fourth of July


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Sent: Sunday, July 4, 2021 12:29 AM
To: Tom Butt <>;;;;;;;;;
Subject: Constant Fireworks in Richmond

Can you guys please do something about the constant fireworks in this city? It sounds like a War-zone in Richmond and this really getting out of hand.

I’ve messaged Claudia Jimenez multiple times with regards to other issues but I never get a response.

Our streets don’t get swept, parking enforcment is not allowed to do their jobs because of this city council, people constantly drive at or near 70 mph on Barrett Avenue and still this city council does not want to do anything. Moreover, there are constant shootings, illegal dumping and a significant increase in crime.

At what point will you guys help the residents in this city?

What’s the point of us paying taxes if you guys aren’t going to help the police department combat these issue? 

Claudia Jimenez, you are the representative of District 6, please do something to solve these issues. Please stop playing politics with people’s lives or their quality of life. You have a mandate to help improve the living conditions in District 6 yet nothing changes in this area. Sadly I’ve reached out to you multiple times and my emails are constantly ignored.

I’m not sure how many people in this district need to complain before something is done but things are truly getting out of hand. I didn’t buy my home here to feel like I live in a War-zone.

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