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  Reopening of Richmond Multimodal Transit Center
July 17, 2021

Yesterday, we had a symbolic reopening of Richmond’s multimodal transit center, where BART, Amtrak/Capitol Corridor and AC Transit converge. Prior to COVID-19, there were 8,000 boardings and de-boardings daily at this location, making it the busiest place in Richmond.

Transit schedules are returning to pre-COVID levels, and people are going back to work.

Richmond Main Street Initiative and Rich City Clothing are back open in the Downtown Richmond Visitor Center.

A number of businesses and nonprofit organizations had tables and booths at the event, a preview of plans to activate the plaza on a regular basis.

At yesterday’s event, there were free tacos from El Garage and COVID vaccinations courtesy of Contra Costa Health Services. Prizes were awarded in a raffle to those getting vaccinated.

Director Lateefah Simon of BART and Director Jovanka Beckles of AC Transit welcomed riders back.

Thanks to staff of the Mayor’s Office for a successful and well organized event!