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  A Look Ahead for 2021
January 11, 2021

A Look Ahead for 2021

Will it be Fun in 2021?
By Tom Butt

With COVID upon us, what to expect?
Will vaccines be ready - one shot or two?
Will it be Teams, Meet or Zoom we select?
Whatever it is, the year will be new

We have a new Council, the RPA has prevailed
Claudia, Edwardo, Melvin and Gayle
Growth and development? That ship has sailed
It’s a new day in Richmond, no longer for sale

Bates and Butt, what will they do?
They've been there before; they'll tough it out
What faction will Demnlus turn to?
He'll do what's best, there is no doubt

Point Molate and Campus Bay
There will be lawsuits; that's for sure
Maybe it's time to move on, we say
But no, I think we'll just demur

Some say it will get better
We'll find some way to work together