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  Don't Miss No Time to Waste July 4th and Help Spread the Word!
July 2, 2020

Re: Don't Miss No Time to Waste July 4th and Help Spread the Word!

Premiere Broadcast on NBC Bay Area July 4th at 7pm PST

As a fan of Betty Reid Soskin and what Betty has done to illuminate the invisible histories of African Americans and other people of color, we are excited to share the news that the acclaimed documentary, No Time to Waste - The Urgent Mission of Betty Reid Soskin, will be broadcast on NBC Bay Area on July 4th at 7pm PST. Betty will also be doing a televised interview with NBC's Cheryl Hurd which will air right after the 7pm screening of the film.

Please help us get the word out and share the date and time with your network - see links below!!!

About the Film:
Betty Reid Soskin is an iron-willed American woman who became a national park ranger at age 85. The great granddaughter of a slave, Betty has lived a life filled with painful and often humiliating memories… yet she remains a defiant voice of hope. 

No Time to Waste examines this 98-year-old park ranger’s mission to restore critical missing chapters of America’s story. Betty is elegant and incisive in conveying hard truths to wide audiences in telling a story about the value of American democracy, the realities of the African American struggle and the importance of continuing progress. 

From a kitchen stool in a tiny theater of 48 seats at the Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond, to media interviews for national and international audiences who now hang on every word she utters, her remarkable sense of humor shines through as she challenges her fellow citizens to move together toward a more perfect union of humanity, and its best and highest interests.

This 50-minute film is a special opportunity to witness how Betty’s work has impacted the way the National Park Service conveys history to audiences across the U.S. No Time to Waste is a must-see for anyone who understands that history is remembered by the people in the room and that this story of Betty Reid Soskin shall not be forgotten.  


No Time to Waste Film Website

YouTube Channel



Rosie the Riveter Trust website

Rosie the Riveter Trust is the official nonprofit partner building support to expand public education programs and preserve historic resources for the Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historical Park, the flagship national park for telling stories about home front efforts across the United States. For more information, visit:  

Sarah Pritchard, Executive Director
Rosie the Riveter Trust
C: 503.961.0820, O: 510-507-2276

PLEASE email to update your contact information and preferences. For those who don’t have cable or any other way to access the NBC Bay Area broadcast, we are working to make the film more broadly available. There will be other opportunities that will be announced in the coming months, so please be sure to sign up here to be notified!