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  Richmond Community Wide College Access & Success Support
April 15, 2020

Richmond Community-Wide College Access & Success Support for HS Seniors & College Students

During this time of uncertainty, the Richmond Promise and our incredible college access partners are committed to supporting our college students and high school students through their last months of school as they transition to college and continue to pursue their college dreams. 

Read below for key resources and the ways we are working together with partners to adapt our programming to virtually support Richmond high school seniors and college students.The Richmond Promise team is fully present and virtual. With any questions or requests for support, reach out to:

Sign up for 1-on-1 Virtual Office Hours with the Richmond Promise TeamDo you know a student in need of support with college enrollment steps, financial aid, or RP scholarship next steps?  Sign up with the RP College Access Team: Miguel Molina and Ana Perez are offering 1:1 coaching sessions to support steps to college enrollment. Sign Up:

Richmond Promise Next Steps Workshops in English & Spanish for Richmond Promise Scholarship Applicants: Do you know a student who applied for a Richmond Promise Scholarship? Scholarship applicants should plan to join us for one of our April Next Steps Workshops in English & Spanish for Richmond Promise. Workshops will review important next-steps for claiming your RP Scholarship and successful college enrollment, and connect you to point-people and resources on partner campuses. Sign up:

Richmond Promise College Scholar Rapid Relief Fund: Do you know a Richmond Promise college student in need? Since March 13, we have provided over 130 students and counting with support for groceries, computers and wifi access and travel home. If you know a college Scholar who needs support, encourage them to fill out this form.  If you and your family have everything you need, please consider donating to our relief fund and helping us support our community by clicking here.

College FAQ & Resource Guides: COVID FAQ for College Students, courtesy of the Northern California College Promise Coalition. Check out our RP Specific College Access Resource guide for the most up-to-date information on direct resources and supports within our community.

Students Rising Above Information Hub for Students:

In 2014, SRA created the SRA College2Careers Hub to share its experience and expertise with thousands of students across the country to help them successfully navigate the critical pathway from high school, through college into the workforce. Students can use this hub to navigate various resources, including:

  • Answers to your college & career questions from a live SRA Advisor within 1 business day
  • Student guidebook of vetted, up-to-date community resources for students related to COVID-19
  • Webinars on college access, career readiness, mental wellness, financial aid

To create your free SRA Hub account:
1. Navigate to
2. Once on, click on the “Register (New Users)” box on the bottom of the page
3. Fill out every text box on the form and click “Register”

Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) is offering support to all WCCUSD High School Students

National College Advising Corps has developed a platform where they can continue to provide e-advising to the students at all WCCUSD High School sites. Please encourage students to complete this survey that corresponds to their specific school site which allows advisers to provide virtual support.

De Anza:
El Cerrito:
Pinole Valley: 

EAOP/DCAC Advisors can support students with their plans after high school, including:

  • Choosing colleges to apply to
  • Registering for the ACT/SAT
  • Touring college campuses virtually
  • Financial aid and scholarship support

Jessie Stewart, MCRP |  Executive Director
Richmond Promise, Inc
Direct cell: 269-720-5247 
Direct work: 510-620-6570 
Student hotline: 510-230-0422

**Consider donating here to join RP's efforts to support our college students impacted by COVID 19. Donations to the College Student Rapid Response Fund will go directly to a college student in need**

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