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  "Third World Rat Infested Shit Hole"
October 31, 2020

Some people just don’t appreciate Richmond. One of the benefits of being mayor are the communications I receive from residents, some with appreciation, some with suggestions and some rants from unhappy people, but this takes the cake!

From: Cherisse
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2020 8:13 PM
To: Tom Butt <>
Subject: Re: Incompetent City leadership

I’m from Southern California. My family has been in California for 6 generations. My daughter was accepted to UC Berkeley Chemistry School. I couldn’t find anything in Berkeley where I was not out- bid by Chinese cash investors for double the list price. I found my home on Zillow and the investor wanted to do a quick flip. To be honest, I find Berkeley and Richmond equally disgusting and filthy so it did not make a difference to me that I was buying in Richmond. The only google search words for Richmond were crime corruption and chevron.

I lost my $150k a year job and career and don’t know if it will return. I’m a graduate chef with marketing background and worked with restaurants across North America. I had perfect credit prior to losing my job and savings. I had 2 new cars, a Mercedes Benz and a Jeep Wrangler. 

Illegals used to sit on top of my cars, drinking open alcohol on the street. Your police did nothing. My Mercedes was stolen outside of my home, and recovered three weeks later. Your police refused to finger print the car even though it was found locked and abandoned and they had it towed. The screwball dispatch told me daily it was not important enough. I’m being sued now by Mercedes Benz for another loan even though my lease was up the month it was stolen.

My Jeep Wrangler was hit by an illegal robbing homes at gunpoint. There was a high speed police chase that resulted in the illegal hitting my car which went up in flames immediately. The police wouldn’t let me try and put the fire out. It destroyed my car. I have to pay another 3 years on that car. My insurance company was really great after more than a decade without incident they said they dropped me for late payment so neither car was covered. 

Now I have no job, no industry, no job prospects at my income/skill level, bad credit, depleted savings. My little home in Richmond is all I have now. I’ve poured every cent and all of my time to remodel it and make it a home. I’m invested in making this third world rat infested shit hole, better for my good neighbors and myself. 

Why are you here and in this role if you’re not making it better for real Californian’s? 

Why would you jeopardize the lives of our police officers and civilians by giving illegals sanctuary status? And it’s not just the lives, it’s the quality of life living next to illegals with roosters and people having cock fights, it’s the endless nationalistic Mexican music that my block is endlessly made to endure at defeating decibels, its the gunshots fired by illegals, it’s the illegals, illegally dumping all over the streets, parks, neighborhoods, it’s illegals sitting in their cars in front of my home doing drugs drinking throwing their trash around my home. Its illegals that hit and run. It’s a disgrace. They get to commit any crime they like apparently and real Californians have to pay the bill and feel the impact. 

Have you lived in Mexico, Mayor Butt? I have. Mexicans would throw you in a prison if you tried to break in illegally. They would also never consider you Mexican if you lived there, you do not look like, act like, or speak like them. They are about racial purity and la raza. They would never allow a non Mexican citizen to buy land you would only be able to lease land in Mexico. 

The people breaking into our country illegally are low skilled, low education levels, low income, and as a real Californian I want immigration that is vetted and more discerning. I don’t want criminals that break in and get rewarded for doing so, and then are allowed to bring in their family members and buy a home next to me in, with too many individuals and animals in a small space. 

Why are you still here and in charge of this mess?