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  Richmond Police Misconduct
October 2, 2020

Following newly-released documents about the five-year old Richmond Police sex scandal and an article on KQED, Police Chief Bisa French released the following:

Mayor Butt and Councilmen, 

Recently, a number of articles were published describing several Richmond Police Officers' unacceptable conduct. The incidents reported in these articles occurred nearly five years ago but have resurfaced as a result of our releasing documents detailing police misconduct pursuant to Senate Bill 1421. Though these articles' negative portrayal of our city and its police department are regrettable, I would like to take this opportunity to affirm my stance on acceptable police behavior. 

The officers involved in this case behaved in a manner that is outside the scope of what is acceptable for a police officer. I do not condone this behavior and I am taking a zero-tolerance approach for misconduct within the Richmond Police Department, particularly as it relates to issues of morale turpitude.  Misconduct, whether on or off duty, is unacceptable, and we cannot behave in a way that erodes public trust and tarnishes our reputation. 

As police chief, I am committed to earning the trust and respect of the community members we serve. Though I cannot change the decisions that were made regarding discipline in these cases, I am making sure that police department staff are clear about the swift consequences of improper behavior.  

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or concerns. 

Bisa French
Police Chief
Richmond Police Department