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  Shirley is Recovering
May 28, 2019

Shirley had a minor stroke on or before Friday that put her in Kaiser Hospital, first in Richmond and then Oakland, all day Friday, Saturday and into Sunday. She got great care and came home on Sunday. We are lucky to have friends who work at Kaiser and a family member who is a neurologist with constant advice.

Shirley has no physical effects but has mostly expressive aphasia, meaning she has extreme difficulty forming words for people and things, as well as reading. If you are talking to her, she would probably know exactly who you are but cannot pull up or say your name without prompting. Reading is a similar challenge. Other than that, she is as functional and chatty as ever.

She is doing much better and will be undergoing speech therapy to get her brain back in order.

Thank you for everyone who has expressed good wishes. It may take a while, but her prospects look good.

We had family from all over this weekend, previously planned; my brother Jack and his wife from Arkansas, their daughter’s family from Dallas, and Shirley’s nephew and his family from Milpitas.

I hope you had a nice Memorial Day.

Figure 1 - Shirley at Kaiser Richmond on Friday

Figure 2 - Shirley with granddaughter Cecilia yesterday.