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  Design Review Board Recruitment -- Make a Difference in Richmond
March 20, 2019

Design Review Board Recruitment -- Make a Difference in Richmond

I am recruiting new members of the City of Richmond Design Review Board.  We need at least two. I am particularly looking for persons with some background and experience in building design, including architects and landscape architects, but if you believe you have value to offer, don’t hesitate. The mayor makes the appointments, subject to approval by the City Council.

Member Terms & Meeting Information

     Ordinance No. 7-99 N.S.  and Ordinance 14-08 N.S.

  • Two-year terms, four consecutive full terms - maximum seven members
  • Meetings are every second and fourth Wednesday at 6:00 pm
  • Multipurpose Room, 440 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond
  • The Design Review Board (DRB) shall review and/or approve, as the case may be, the design of exterior construction or modifications for which a building permit, zoning permit, certificate, or discretionary planning approval is required, including any variances from Chapter 15.06 of the Richmond Sign Ordinance unless it is exempt from design review or receives administrative design review approval. Applications requiring both Planning Commission and Design Review Board approval shall be reviewed in one meeting by the DRB for recommendation to the Planning Commission. 

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