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  5,000 Confirmed Users of Bike-Ped Trail on First Weekend
November 19, 2019

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New bike/ped path on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge proves popular

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge
Karl Nielsen

The bike-pedestrian path that opened on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge proved popular during its first two days of use. 
Initial counts show there were about 5,000 one-way trips across the path during opening weekend.

During Saturday's opening day there were 3,600 path users, and then 1,400 on Sunday. This is the first time there is bike and pedestrian access connecting the East Bay with Marin County.

The route also serves as a link in the San Francisco Bay Trail.  A movable barrier divides automobiles from those on bike and foot.

The bridge path will be a four-year pilot project and will be analyzed at the end of the period.