Tom Butt
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August 29, 2018

There will be two candidates for Richmond Mayor and 13 candidates for Richmond City Council, listed below:


  1. Tom Butt, Mayor
  2. Melvin Lee Willis Jr., Richmond Vice Mayor

City Council

  1. Cesar Zepeda, Benefits Broker
  2. Carole Johnson, Community Volunteer
  3. Demnlus Johnson III, School Community Organizer
  4. Virginia “Vicky” Ramirez, Immigration Legal Assistant
  5. Jim Rogers, Financial Planner
  6. Ada Recinos, City Councilmember
  7. Keith Rivers, Tutor
  8. Vinay Pimplé, Teacher, Attorney, Engineer
  9. Eleanor Thompson, CEO-Businessowner
  10. Eduardo Martinez, City Councilmember
  11. Dave Schoenthal, Local Businessman/Teacher
  12. Diego Garcia, Businessman/Community Leader
  13. Nathaniel “Nat” Bates, Retired Probation Officer

All information about the candidates and the two measures can be found at,.