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  Point Richmond Jazz Tonight!
April 27, 2018

Another great concert coming tonight!

The group is a local group, Dan Cantrell lives in Richmond, and their music is amazing! Dan has played with Tom Waits, won an Emmy for his compositions, and violinist Lila Sklar has toured the world playing with folks such as Bjork, the 'Toids and Cirque de Soliel. They have composed works for and performed with the Oakland Symphony, and they will put on QUITE A SHOW.

Here’s Dan’s description:
Dan and Lila will perform music from Dan’s recent album Orphaned Anthems. Dan will play Piano, Accordion, and Musical Saw, with Lila on Violin and Voice.   The full ensemble will also feature the talented Sean Tergis on percussion, Diana Strong on Accordion, Celeste and Toy Piano as well as Eric Perney on Upright Bass.  Adding visual delight to the scintillating sounds, Elizabeth Strong, Natalie Nayun, and Shanti Bardot will perform traditional and choreographed dances with the Band. 

SO COMPLETE with dancing girls! 
 And here are some reviews:

“Dan Cantrell offers an astonishing array of auditory wonders. You will find what you never knew you were looking for, and when you dust it off and hold it close, it will sing to your heart.” - Ana Harff - Tribal Mind Magazine

“Dan’s work smacks of a collection of people who fell in love with music at an early age, studied it seriously and elected to give back to it versus get rich from it . . . and we are the richer for it.” - Roger Andris - (

“This is Bulgarian dance music meets Mr. Bungle meets Carl Stallings meets Erik Satie meets a boggled mind (yours, that is, when you hear how it all holds together)”.-Paul McNees - Lacuna Music)

See the website:, or to the ticket site at