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February 23, 2018

I received the following a few days ago from Chief Allwyn Brown. As you can see, policing Richmond continues to be dangerous and challenging, but the RPD seems to stay on top of it.

Dear City Manager Bill Lindsay, Mayor Tom Butt and Councilmembers, 

Community safety is primarily the job of Police, though we share responsibility with the public who we rely on to report suspicious activity, look out for one another, and to know how to lessen their own likelihood of criminal victimization.  I wanted you to know that incremental progress continues, but the array of public safety challenges endemic to Richmond persist in new and different forms.  New learning is the norm, and it helps as address adaptive challenges in the most effective manner.    

We’ve improved our ability to respond to, and address service calls involving mental health issues and people in crisis.  We’re also taking a regional approach to addressing homelessness issues, working with Contra Costa CORE, El Cerrito Police, San Pablo Police and others.  These new responsibilities are in addition to, and not in replacement of existing responsibilities that Police currently handle.  

Richmond remains a busy place, with a wide assortment of activities that involve police every day, around the clock.  Our 911 Communications Center is the community lifeline to all emergency services.  Telecommunications operators are unsung heroes who are highly skilled and multidisciplinary trained in emergency medical, police and fire dispatching.  Here’s a very small sampling of some activities involving Police, pulled from the pages of our 24/7 Patrol shift log this year.  They offer a snapshot of the wide range of knowledge, skills and abilities required of Richmond police employees to handle the variety of service calls that we routinely answer, as well as some of the activities that our people engage with.  We certainly have our hands full.

2/12/18 | 22:43 | 18-1843

Officer initiated traffic enforcement stop …

Arrested: Nathan Myers, 25 years

Officers Gault and Hodges saw a sedan traveling south on 23rd St against the opposite direction of traffic.  A traffic stop was attempted on Macdonald Ave at 16th St but the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed westbound Richmond Pkwy in the eastbound lanes. It was was not pursued (per policy).  A short time later, a citizen called about the same vehicle being discarded on Brickyard Cove Way at Flagship Pl.  Officers went there and found a shotgun as illicit methamphetamine in the trunk.  Officer er Hodges K9 partner Gunnar tracked Myers scent to a nearby field, where he was taken into custody with K9 bite contact.  He’d hiding under heavy foliage.  Myers was identified as the wrong way driver by officers - and a citizen’s surveillance video captured Myers fleeing the abandoned vehicle.  Myers was booked on several charges to include a no-bail property warrant out of Yuba County and a no bail, fully-extraditable warrant out of Kansas.  Officer Gault is the investigating officer.    

2/12/18 | 21:00 | 18-1841

Interpersonal violence arrest …

Arrested: John L. Tucker, 27 of Suisun City

Suspect Tucker ran into the apartment on the 4300 block of Potrero as a witness opened the door for another person.  He immediately assaulted the female victim while she was in the bathroom.  He slammed her into the wall, punched her, choked her, and kicked her.  While she was on the ground, Tucker took the victim’s $800-900 in cash and yanked the gold chains off her neck.  The suspect had left the apartment and was sitting in his car out front when officers arrived.  He was arrested without incident.  The victim had visible lacerations, swelling, and bruising.  She was taken to a local hospital by a friend for treatment.  An EPO was obtained.  Officer. A. Alvarado is the investigating officer.

2/11/18 | 14:45 | 18-1785

Officer initiated traffic enforcement stop …

Arrested: Frank Calloway, 19 of San Pablo

Officer Khalfan saw a car traveling south in the Northbound lanes of Carlson Blvd and made an enforcement stop.  He got consent from the driver (A- Calloway) to search the auto - then located a loaded Glock model 23, .40 caliber pistol under the driver seat. The firearm was not registered. Calloway was arrested and booked without incident.

2/9/18 | 18:30 | 18-1723

Priority 1 call - DV in progress …

Arrested: Israel Bonilla, 37 years

Police were sent to a home on the 100 block of S. 12th Street on the report of domestic violence in progress. The abuser (Bonilla) and the female victim were married 13 years, with 3 children in common, currently going through a separation. The two had been arguing when things when things escalated.  Bonilla grabbed the victim and dragged her to their bed, and began strangling her. She tried to free herself unsuccessfully, but managed to escape when the children walked into the bedroom. He tried to kiss the victim but she refused, so he bit her lip causing a serious laceration. The victim tried to call the police but he took her phone and threw it. The victim’s cousin showed up about that time and intervened. Bonilla ran away.  Officers learned that weeks earlier she was awakened to Bonilla holding a machete to throat threatening to kill her and sexually assaulted her.

Officers combed the area and checked a friend’s address for Bonilla but were unable to find him. The LAP protocol was followed and an EPO was issued, not served on Bonilla. Officer Marson is the investigating officer.  

2/8/18 |16:30 | 18-1664

Call of a suicidal subject trashing his home …

Subject: Tao Sacheo, 38 years 

Officers were sent to a home on the 3200 block of Tulare Ave on the report of a suicidal subject -  Sacheo - who has a history of mental illness, trashing his home. He’d threatened to kill himself and his mother.  At first contact a kitchen knife was spotted on the living room floor, but officers were not able to contact Sacheo’s mother. They physically restrained Sacheo without incident or injury, and placed him on a 5150 (emergency psychological evaluation) hold.  His parents were subsequently contacted and informed of the outcome.  Office Sousa (MHET) assisted, and Officer Temple was the investigating officer. 

2/7/18 | 18:00 | 18-1608

911 call from historical 13 year old girl …
Arrested: John Doe, approx. 30 year old adult Asian male  
Victim called 911 reporting that Suspect John Doe chased her along the Greenway near 44th Street - and she believed that he was going to sexually assault her. Suspect was only wearing boxers. Officer found him hiding in the rear yard of a 4300 block of Ohio Ave home. He physically resisted arrest, but was quickly subdued. Victim identified the suspect. He was arrested and taken to MDF for booking. Officers. A. Alvarado and T. Peterson are the investigators.

2/7/18 | 08:42 | 18-1571         

Call of an attempt suicide …

Subject: 16 year old juvenile female 

Officers were sent to a home on the 1500 block of Dunn Ave on the report the report that a 16 year old girl took 35-45 Tylenol PM tablets.  She also had indications of self- inflicted wrist wounds - a large knife was on top of her bed. The 16 year old was taken by ambulance to a local hospital on a 5150 hold.  Officer Tagorda is the investigating officer.

2/2/18 | 19:37 | 18-1387

Call of an armed person in public …

Arrested: 14 year old juvenile male

Officers responded to a “man with a gun” call at Harbour Way and Nevin Ave. The reporting party was watching the suspect over private video surveillance and could see that the handgun was still on the subject’s person. The description provided fit the description offered in an earlier, similar call received at 16:50 (1500 Nevin Plaza,18-7543). Officers tried to contact with the suspect on the 500 block of Harbour Way, but he ran away, being chased by police.  While additional police help was positioning itself to stand up a perimeter on the block, the subject suddenly and unexpectedly emerged from between two parked cars and bolted into the roadway.  He ran into a passing patrol cars, striking the left front fender. He was apprehended and arrested, the taken to Children’s Hospital for injuries result from the collision.  Additionally, he was connected to a robbery that happened earlier in the day on the 1700 block of Nevin Ave (18-1377) - and found to be on probation for robbery (San Francisco County).Officer Platzner authored the collision report. Officer Hoskins is the investigating officer. Sergeant Vigil is authored an administrative regarding the injury. 


2/2/18 | 11:56 | 18-1372

Call of an automobile being operated erratically …

Arrested:  Alioune Thiam, 38 years

A citizen called to report a white van driving erratically on Cutting Blvd.  Officer J. Guzman responded and found the mentioned van swerving as it traveled along the roadway.  He and Officer Hall made a traffic enforcement stop and contacted the driver, Thiam, who initially showed some resistance and was not following commands.  It was clear that Thiam was under the influence of an intoxicating substance(s).  Thiam was taken into custody for DUI without further incident, and taken directly to a local hospital from the scene due his elevated level of intoxication.  


2/2/18 | 22:00 | 18-1335

Pre-planned human trafficking operation …

2200 Hours        12572 SPA         PC 236.1 (Human Trafficking of a Minor)  

Arrested:  Andrew Winters, 35 years       

BRAVO officers ran an operation to address human trafficking and prostitution activity that is a regular occurrence along the 23rd St corridor.  They covertly watched as a female got into a truck near Gaynor Ave. They followed the truck to the Economy Inn, 12572 San Pablo Ave, where it parked near a room. Marked enforcement units detained the driver and female passenger.  They learned that the female picked up was a 17 year old juvenile (she initially tried to run away) - and that there was an agreement to exchange sex for money (Prostitution, PC 647b). One occupant of the room they were headed to was Winters, who was on PRCS for PC 266H, Pimping. During an interview, Winters admitted to knowing the female was a juvenile and rented the room to facilitate her acts of prostitution.  Officer Barley is the I/O. 


2/1/18 |  

Pre-planned operation …

Sergeant E. Russell and the Property Crimes Unit (PCU) Detectives executed a stolen vehicle (10851 CVC) operation focused in Southern District, giving special attention to beat 3.  Multiple recovered stolen autos were located and impounded.


1/31/18 | 14:00 | 18-1275

Search warrant service …

Arrested: Jose Ernesto LINARES Jr.

The SIS Narcotics Unit, with assistance from SIS Gangs/Parole Unit and CID Property Crimes Unit served a search warrant naming Linares and his home address on the 700 blk of 16th St.  During service of the search warrant, detectives, with assistance from RPD K9 officers Brown and Reina, located bulk amounts of marijuana, a rifle and two pistols.  Linares was not home. Detective Hoffman is the case agent.


1/31/18 | 17:03 | 18-1277

Motorist records suspicious activity, shot at as a result … 

Suspect: Ascension Rivera Trinidad, 34 years, San Pablo

ShotSpotter activation recorded 5 rounds near the 13th St. over pass above the RR tracks.  Six minutes later, a shooting victim phoned in from the 1300 blk of Costa Ave.  The 50 year old victim was driving north on Harbour Way near Roosevelt when he noticed the occupants of a car in front of him behaving oddly, so he took some pictures just in case something happened.  As he overtook their car, the right front passenger leaned out of the door window and fired a handgun in his direction. His car took multiple projectile strikes, but the victim was not hit.

Minutes later, SPPD located the shooter car parked unoccupied in front of the address where it’s registered, on the 1600 blk of 15th St. SIS Detectives maintained surveillance while Homicide detectives were called in to take over the investigation.  The victim identified the registered owner of the auto, Ascension Rivera Trinidad, as the shooter.  Both a warrant of arrest for Trinidad, and a search warrant for his residence were sought.

RPD SWAT safely executed   A search warrant for the premises was executed at 0040 (2/1/10).  Rivera was taken into custody without incident, and investigators recovered the firearm used in the discharging case (Attempt Murder PC 664/187).  The coordinated efforts to bring these events to safe resolution were led by CIS Lieutenant Barragan, SWAT Lieutenant Mollenbernd, and Homicide Sgt. T. Ellis.  Great work teamwork by all involved.     


1/31/18 | 08:56 | 18-1260

Call reporting possible child neglect …

CFS asked us to check on the welfare and living conditions of several children at their 400 blk of Sanford Ave home, based on a tip that they’d received suggesting that the kids were living among rats and roaches.  

Officers checked in with the children and their mother, Vanessa Vaughn, and found the living conditions to be worse than reported, and uninhabitable.  The building inspector red tagged the house while officers remained on scene.  One of the children suffered a seizure during the welfare check, and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital.  The remaining children were removed by CFS.  Officer J. Guzman is the investigating officer. 


1/31/18 | 10:06 | 18-1254

Report of a felony assault…

Suspect: Dyshawn Matthews, 21 years

Suspect Matthews’ vehicle was repossessed the night before, prompting him to visit the dealership on the 600 block of 23rd St. where purchased to have it returned.  When he learned that the car wasn’t there, he became irate and physically attacked two dealership owners, inflicting severe injuries.  Both victims were taken to a local trauma center. Officer L. Joseph is the investigating officer.  


1/30/18 | 02:19 | 18-1196

Report of domestic violence …

Arrested: Markkeys Young-Jefferson, 24 years

The suspect strangled the victim and then struck her face several times with his open hand.  The suspect fled prior to police arrival, but was contacted by Officer J. Church a short distance from the scene.  He was taken into custody without incident.  Officer M. Meyer was the investigating officer.


1/28/18 | 0345 | 18-782

Missing Juvenile Update …

Missing: 15 year old male

U.S. Customs notified RPD records that the missing boy had boarded a flight to Miami from San Francisco, with a scheduled connecting flight to Costa Rica.  U.S. Customs informed they would turn him over to the Miami-Dade PD once detained.


1/28/18 | 00:00 | 18-1107

Officer-initiated car stop, gun arrest …

Arrested: Jose Alberto Ortiz, 38 years

Officer Hodges made a traffic enforcement stop on an auto operated by Ortiz, who discarded a pistol out the driver window before pulling over.  A .357 revolver was recovered at 13th St and Garvin Ave.  Ortiz is on probation for the crime of False Imprisonment, PC 236.  He was taken into custody without incident.  Officer B. Hodges is the investigating officer.


1/28/18 | 01:05 | 18-1109

Shotspotter activation leads to gun arrest …

Arrested: Kenneth Jarvis

ShotSpotter registered two activations of six rounds each from the 400 block of S. 34th St.  Officer M. Anderson was nearby and initiated a traffic stop on a car he saw speeding from the area.  Jarvis admitted to being in possession of a pistol and admitted shooting the rounds in the air while driving.  He was taken into custody without incident.  Officer Anderson is the investigating officer.


1/27/18 | 21:47 | 18-1104 

Officer-initiated activity leads to illegal gun possession arrest …

Arrested: Moises Molina Correia, 23 years

While on patrol, Officer Ricchiuto noticed Correia lingering with other documented VFL gang members near Shields-Reid Park. He knew Correia was on active county probation for a firearm offense, so he contacted the group, and he search Correia in accordance with the conditions of his probation.  Officer Ricchiuto located a loaded Glock 31 .357 Sig handgun tucked and concealed in the waistband of Correia’s trousers.  He was taken into custody without further incident. The handgun was found to be unregistered. Officer Ricchiuto is the investigating officer.  


1/25/18 | 20:14 | 18-1020

Preplanned gang-violence intervention operation leads to illegal gun possession arrest …

Arrested: 17 year old juvenile male 

SIS Gang detectives were conducting an operation aimed at North vs. Central Richmond gang tensions.  They made a pedestrian stop on a male in North Richmond who turned out to be armed with a concealed, .22 caliber semi-auto firearm.   He also had two outstanding warrants for his arrest.  He was taken into custody without incident.


1/24/18 | 17:25 | 18-952 

Preplanned operation focused on street robbery intervention leads to two arrests, two guns confiscated …

Arrested:  Leonisha Robinson, 24 years 
Arrested:  Male juvenile, 17 years 

BRAVO officers located a suspicious auto on the 300 blk of Maine Ave during the conduct of a robbery suppression operation (B18-05) - with information from a reliable source that its two occupants might be armed.  One of them quickly exited the vehicle as officers approached.  He had a loaded Glock 19 (9mm) pistol loaded 28-round extended magazine. Both were arrested and arrested without incident.  The other was found to be on probation for a previous firearm conviction, is a validated “Maineline Boyz ” gang affiliate, and was also in possession of a loaded .40 caliber Glock pistol with an extended magazine. Both were arrested without incident.  Officers L. Matsui and J. Terrell are the investigating officer’s.  


1/23/18 | 12:49 | 18-897

Call from neighbors reporting suspicious activity leads to arrests in multiple home break-ins … 

Arrested: Jabari Browder
Arrested: Kevin Starks, 25 years

Several residents called explaining seeing 3 men wearing dark clothing, going into neighbor’s yards and removing packages.  Calls came from the 5900 block of Burlingame Ave, and others called reporting similar circumstances near S 55th St. and Bayview Ave.  Officers set up the perimeter in the area.  Suspect Jabari Browder was apprehended running through the block at S 55th St and Bayview Ave.  Browder also had two outstanding warrants for his arrest.  Suspect Starks entered a private residence on the 5400 blk of Highland Ave undergoing renovation, and hid in the bathroom. He was located and arrested, also found to have in numerous credit cards in other people’s names -which connected him to additional home break-in at a home on the 1300 blk of Merced Ave.   
Officer L. Caston is the investigating Officer.  Detective Middleton (PCU) was at the scene.  


1/23/16 | 00:53 | 18-829

Call of “man with a gun” …

Arrested: Ronald Ray Santos, 27 years
A citizen called 911 from the Valero gas station on the 5400 blk of Central Ave reporting seeing a man, later confirmed to be Santos, waving a pistol in the air.  The witness saw Santos get into a silver Camry.  El Cerrito officers were first to arrive and spot a silver Camry leaving the gas station.  The car left quickly to took to WB I-80 as ECPD approached.  The car yielded to an enforcement stop at I-80 prior to the Gilman off ramp as RPD Officer M. Peixoto arrived.  A Ruger 9mm pistol was recovered from the vehicle.  The witness identified Santos as the person he saw with the pistol.  Officer R. Wright is the investigating officer.  


1/21/18 | 12:14 | 18-803

Report of “man with a gun” …

Arrested: Joel Lemus, 22 years
Arrested: Guillermo Montez-Tores, 19 years 

Officers were sent to a man with a gun call in the area of the 1st St and Chanslor Ave.  The reporting party heard a gunshot, looked outside and  saw a subject holding a hand gun. Several officers went to the area and established a perimeter.  Officers approached the court yard of 10 1st St., where they saw and detained three males.  Lemus was seated in a chair, on his lap a loaded Ruger 9mm pistol with an extended 22-round magazine. Lemus was arrested and the other two subjects were detained.  An in-field line up was conducted and the reporting party confirmed Montez-Torres as the person seen carrying the firearm on the street.  An “RS” tattoo adorned Montez-Torres’ left arm, known to be associated to those who claim Sureno street gangs affiliation.  The firearm had been reported stolen out of Calmath County, Oregon.  Both Lemus and A Montez were booked without incident.  Officer Muguia is the investigating officer.  Lieutenant Johanson also responded to the scene. 


1/20/18 | 15:54 | 18-withheld 

Repeat child molestation reported by family member …

The reporting party cane to RPD to explain having discovered unusual bruising on her 8 year old nephews’ lower back.  She did some online research and learned that sodomy could be the cause.  The 8 year old confided in the reporting party the night before that his grandfather had been sodomizing him.  Due to a lengthy family history of abuse the reporting party did not confront the grandfather - or tell the brother, the 8 year old’s father.  DSVU detectives were called in to work the case.  


1/20/18 | 11:00 

Preplanned Police/community interaction event …

The ”Boba and Badges” event was held at Bubble Loca in Pacific East Mall.  This event was put on by both the Richmond Police Department and the El Cerrito Police Department.  More than 100 community members participated.


1/17/18 | 23:28 | 18-665

Call of a domestic dispute … 

Suspect: Jason Mark Estella, 34 years

Officers were sent to a residence on the 2900 blk of Gilma Dr  on the report of a domestic dispute.  The female victim, 13 weeks pregnant with Estella’s child, reported that they were in an argument that turned physical.  At one point during the argument, Estella produced a .38 cal. revolver and discharged a round in the air.  He fled prior to police arrival, and was not subsequently located.  The victim was taken by ambulance to a local trauma center for medical treatment.  Estrella is on formal probation for drug offenses.  Officer Rood is the investigating officer.  


1/16/18 | 10:15 

Call of gunshot wound victim showing up at Kaiser Hospital …

Brian Rader, a validated North Richmond Gang member walked into Richmond Kaiser Hospital suffering from several gunshot wounds.  It was determined the firearm assault incident happened earlier at a Montalvin Manor housing complex.  Contra Costa County Deputies showed up to the hospital to assume the investigation.  Rader was subsequently transferred to a local trauma center in stable condition. No suspect information was provided by the victim.  


1/16/18 | 08:33 | 18-581

Call of an agitated person experiencing mental health crisis …

Arrested: Constantin Enachescu, 33 years  
Officers responded to a call of an agitated person - Enachescu - with mental health issues who was throwing items inside the 5200 blk of Bayview Ave residence he shares with his mother.  He possibly had access to firearms as well.  When officers arrived, Enachescu exited the home and approached them.  As officers were detaining him, he became combative.  Force was used to detain him.  Officer Khalfan’s boot was bitten by the suspect. Officer Khalfan was not injured in the asmsault.  MHET Officer Sousa was notified and came to the scene.  One firearm was removed that had been previously confiscated by family members. Lieutenant. Mollenbernd was notified.  The blue team entry will be completed by Officer Martinez.  Officer Khalfan is the investigation officer.  


1/13/18 | 20:57 | 18-457

Call of an agitated person experiencing mental health crisis and contemplating suicide…
Hospitalized: Adult male, 46 years
Officers were dispatched to a home on the 600 blk of Rock Rose Way because the subject’s son reported that he was intoxicated and feeling suicidal after having marital issues. The son further advised that the father borrowed a handgun from a co-worker and maybe had it inside of the house with him. Officers formed a perimeter and called out the occupants of the residence. The subject and the son exited the residence and were detained without incident. A protective sweep was made of the residence interior. Officers conducted a consent search of the residence and did not locate a firearm. The subject was placed on a W&I 5150 hold and taken by ambulance  to CCRMC for evaluation. Officer A. Dandridge is the investigating officer.      


1/12/18 | 11:37 | 18-373
Report of a street robbery leads to quick investigation and apprehension of suspects …

Arrested #1: Juvenile male, 17 years 
Arrested #2: Juvenile male, 15 years 
Arrested #3: Juvenile male, 15 years 
Officer Zeidan authored a robbery report day before.  The perpetrators physically assaulted the victim and stole his shoes and backpack.  With the help of social media, officers were able to identify the 3 suspects.  The suspects were arrested at De Anza High School and taken to Juvenile Hall.  Officer England is the SRO assigned to De Anza HS, and he is the investigating officer.


1/9/18 | 17:45

Call of a home break-in in progress …

Arrested: Angel Camacho, 24 years
Arrested: Elissa Snowden, 20 years

A neighbor called 911, reporting that S1 and S2 entered the listed home through the rear sliding glass door. A perimeter was established and responding officers saw S1 and S2 searching through the drawers and cabinets. The home was just sold to an unknown owner, so it was furnished.  S1 and S2 attempted to flee out the rear door, where they confronted Officer M. Brown and his K9 partner Odin, and submitted to arrest - without K9 bite contact. S1 was on felony probation for auto theft. Temple is the investigating officer. 


1/8/18 | 11:45 | 18-283

Call of a solo vehicle collision … 
Officers answered the call of a single vehicle rollover collision into a utility pole on 22nd Street near Bissell Avenue.  The involved vehicle was located in the southbound lanes of 23rd Street south of Bissell Avenue and just north of the nearby overpass.  The driver of the vehicle was unconscious and needed to be extricated by RFD. There was one passenger in the vehicle who was unharmed.  The driver was transported to Richmond Kaiser where the driver was pronounced deceased.  The driver’s family was notified.  Lt. Johanson and the Traffic Unit were on scene.  Officer Riley is the investigating officer.  
1/7/18 | 10:52 | 18-246

Call of DV victim being treated at the hospital …

Suspect: Kenneth Johnson, Kenneth, 48 years
Officer Munguia was sent to Kaiser Hospital on the report of an injured domestic violence victim.  She had been in a dating relationship with Johnson.  Two days before, she and Johnson got into a heated argument, wherein Johnson punched and strangled her to the point of losing consciousness.  Officer Munguia learned Johnson was at CCRMC on a 5150hold.  Arrangements were made for Johnson to be released into RPD custody for booking on DV charges.  Officer Munguia is the investigating officer.


1/6/1/5/18 | 16:10 | 18-191

Call of a hot-prowl residential break-in …

Arrested: Laquin Antoine Morris, 37 years 

The female resident of a Scenic Dr home heard noises in her home and then was alerted to a male intruder.  Morris fled the residence - the resident had a neighbor call police.  Officers arrived and detained Morris in a car near the address.  The vehicle was reported stolen out of San Pablo.  Many purses and electronic devices were inside the vehicle.  One of the devices was traced back to an El Sobrante residential burglary victim.  That victim was contacted and subsequently identified several of the recovered stolen items.   Morris was booked on multiple felony charges.  Detective R. Middleton (PCU) responded for the investigation.


1/4/18 | 22:00 | 18-162

Preplanned human trafficking operation … 

Arrested: Jerry Williams, 20 years     
While conducting an operation (B18-01) along the 23rd Street corridor to address human trafficking, BRAVO officers saw a car let off a young woman near the 24th St and Wendell Ave.  The woman, clad in a short dress and high heals, started walking towards 23rd St  The woman was immediately contacted by officers, meanwhile others followed car, then made an enforcement stop in the area.  The unlicensed driver, Williams, became non-compliant and physically resistant.  He was eventually taken into custody for Pimping and Resisting Arrest.  Evidence revealed that the woman was engaging in prostitution, so she was offered resources.  Officer Bartley is the investigating officer.  Sergeant Lopez was the scene supervisor and has ensured the Blue Team documentation of the use of force.   


1/2/18 | 18:04

Officer initiated encounter …
Arrested: 17 year old juvenile male              
Arrested: 15 year old juvenile male
Arrested: 16 year old juvenile male.           
BRAVO officers contacted three validated, juvenile gang members who were believed to be armed with guns lingering near Shilelds-Reid Park.  A plan was formed and coordinated with Contra Costa Sheriff’s deputies and a perimeter set.  Two of the three subjects ran, and officers gave chase on foot.  All three were caught and detained without further incident.  A K9 article search was conducted by Officer Palma and his partner Ronin, and led to finding two semi-automatic handguns (9mm & .40caliber), a clear plastic bag with ammunition, and a tactical load bearing vest with ballistic plates.  All three arrestees were taken to Juvenile Hall.  Officer Ramos is the investigating officer.  


Richmond Police activities are also updated regularly on our Facebook page.  I encourage you to check out some of the stories about how RPD cops regularly disarmed gunned up, lawless individuals on a regular basis with shooting them.  Some members of the public have taken a particular interest in the acute professionalism demonstrated by members of our team in bring armed encounters to peaceful resolution.   I thought you might be interested in reading about some of these encounters.   Try these links to a sampling of recent incidents:


As always, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions that you might have.


Allwyn Brown
Chief of Police

Policing -- Richmond Style