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  A Camp Fire Story -- RVs and Camp Trailers Needed
December 1, 2018

Earlier this week, the Tibetan Association of Northern California (TANC), based in Richmond, presented me with a check for $7,236 the group had raised for victims of the Camp Fire. They asked me to direct it to the place it would do the most good.

I emailed the mayor and four members of the Paradise City Council for advice, not really expecting to hear from any of them. They all lost their homes in the Camp Fire, and the City Hall, while not burned down, is smoke damaged and unusable. This past week, they had to meet in the Chico City Hall, but without a town left to govern, the meeting was brief.

I did hear back from one council member, Mike Zuccolillo, who suggested the Tzu Chi Foundation (, which was very active in relief work in Paradise.

I mailed the check to Zuccolillo yesterday and asked him, and perhaps the mayor, to present it to a Tzu Chi representative on the ground in Paradise.

I asked Mike if there was anything else we folks in Richmond could do to help fire victims, and he said they need as many RVs and travel trailers as possible. If someone has one they wish to donate or sell cheap, Mike will figure out the logistics. He can be reached at 530-521-4576 or

Following is an article about the TANC Donation:

TANC Raises $7,236 for California wildfire Victims; Richmond Mayor Applauds their Effort
November 26, 2018 by Editor

[November 25, 2018] Tibetan Association of Northern California raised $7,236 for the California Wildfire Victims. The Richmond Mayor Tom Butt appreciated TANC’s effort and thanked everyone for extending their supportive hands for the people affected by the recent wildfire.

Tibetan community members residing in the East Bay Area came together at this hour of hardship to support the wildfire survivors who have been devastated by the recent wildfire. Around 20 Tibetan volunteers helped the TANC board in hosting community café and many more joined in giving helping hands in support of this noble cause. Hundreds of Tibetans have come to support this fundraising event. They thoughtfully spend their money to buy their lunch at the community café besides giving monetary donations for the cause. In the afternoon many of them sat back for two more hours to offer their deep respect and prayers for those who have lost their lives in the recent wildfire.

“This fundraising drive wouldn’t be possible without all our volunteers”, said Mr. Tseten Phuntsok, Vice President of the TANC. “I would like to thank all them for their hard work and services to the community.” Added Mr. Vice President during a closing ceremony. “Thank you everyone for your support to the TANC’s community fund drive for California Wildfire Victims. On Behalf of the Tibetan community in the Bay Area, the board extends our appreciation and thanks to all the volunteers and general public for showing solidarity with us in supporting this fundraising event.”
Volunteers with TANC board members

100% proceed from the event will be handed over to those affected by the recent Northern California Wildfire through Richmond Mayor Tom Butt’s office.

The wildfire has killed over 70 people and rendered homeless for thousands and whereabouts of many hundreds are still unaccountable. This wildfire has brought huge devastation both to mankind as well as to countless of animals.
Community members enjoying foods served at the community café