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  City Council Election Recommendations
October 25, 2018

After Tuesday night’s Point Molate fiasco, it is clear that we need to move to a City Council that is no longer dominated by the Richmond Progressive Alliance. Back before the RPA attained a supermajority, we worked together successfully on a lot of issues, including environment, immigration and climate change. That appears to be no longer possible.

Now, the RPA City Council supermajority has stopped listening to anyone but their own small group of members and out of town agitators who want to use Richmond as their own social experiment regardless of how it impacts the rest of us.

Here are my recommendations for City Council in the November 6 election:

  • There are 13 candidates, including two incumbent RPA members – Ada Recinos and Eduardo Martinez,  and two other RPA members – Carole Johnson and Virginia Ramirez. You do not want to vote for any of those four candidates.
  • That leaves nine candidates, two of which, in my opinion, have very little chance of winning although they are good people –Eleanor Thompson and Keith Rivers. Unfortunately, a vote or them would probably be a vote wasted.
  • That leaves seven viable, non-RPA candidates that you could vote for: Nat Bates, Diego Garcia, Demnlus Johnson, Vinay Pimple, Jim Rogers, David Schoenthal and Cesar Zepeda.
  • It’s excruciatingly difficult, but if I had to pick three, it would be Demnlus Johnson, Cesar Zepeda and David Schoenthal. All three are heavily involved in the community in various volunteer efforts trying to make Richmond a better place. They ensure continued diversity on the City Council, work with all people well and have both open minds and creative plans for Richmond’s future.

Vote for Demnlus Johnson, Cesar Zepeda and David Schoenthal.