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  Anti-Democratic Forces at Play?
September 2, 2017


On the appointment to the City Council seat I vacated: Take nothing for granted. Anti-democratic forces are always at play! 
by Gayle McLaughlin

Dear friends and supporters of the Richmond Progressive Alliance,

By now it is clear to the Richmond progressive movement that Marilyn Langlois is the best and most qualified candidate for the vacant City Council seat.  The progressive movement is hopeful that she will be appointed to the City Council.

Both the RPA Steering Committee and the plenary of the membership of the RPA endorsed Marilyn as the first and preferred choice for the seat. ACCE Action Richmond Chapter unanimously endorsed and many progressive individuals also support Marilyn. See Marilyn's website 

Whatever anti-democratic forces may be at play to deny Richmond its most qualified progressive candidate, I believe that a majority of councilmembers will put the interests of Richmond and the movement above all else.

Marilyn's sterling qualifications are known to all councilmembers. Her years of city experience in the office of the Mayor, on the Human Rights and Human Relations Commission,  and her tremendous service on the Planning Commission, plus her deep connections with progressive and grassroots organizations and leaders in the city, clearly makes her the best choice.

I invite you to take nothing for granted. Anti-democratic forces are always at play. Call each of the councilmembers listed below and let them know that the interests of Richmond needs to be the focus of this appointment and that they should vote to appoint Marilyn Langlois, the best qualified person. Start by calling or emailing your progressive city councilmembers. They need to hear from you!

Jovanka Beckles      510-620-6568   
Eduardo Martinez    510-620-6593
Ben Choi                           510-620-6565
Melvin Willis             510-412-2050

Also contact Councilmember Myrick and Mayor Butt:

Jael Myrick                   510-620-6636
Mayor Tom Butt                               510-620-6503


With Marilyn Langlois on the Council, we can ensure that Richmond's progressive transformation will continue with strength and vision!

Gayle McLaughlin
Former Mayor, Richmond, CA
Candidate for Lt. Governor of California 2018