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  Richmond Leads Meeting Low Income and Very Low Income Housing Goals
September 12, 2017

I’m not normally a big fan of the Haas Institute, and they typically don’t have anything good to say about Richmond, but in the report “Unfair Shares: Racial Disparities in Allocation of Bay Area Housing,” Richmond is highlighted as the third best performing jurisdiction on “Percent of Low Income and Very Low Income Allocations Permitted,” with 103% of its RHNA (regional Housing Needs Allocation) allocation.


Unfair Shares: Racial Disparities in Allocation of Bay Area Housing 
cover image of Unfair Shares reportThe Haas Institute published a new report this week showing disparities in the allocation of low- and moderate-income housing in Bay Area cities that are mostly white versus those that are more racially diverse. The report, titled, “Unfair Shares” authored by Haas Institute researchers Heather Bromfield and Eli Moore, finds a clear correlation between housing allocations and cities’ racial makeup based on an analysis of housing data from 1999 through 2017. Overall, local municipalities in the Bay Area are failing to meet the demands for low- and moderate-income housing, with the less-diverse cities falling significantly short in reaching housing allocation targets. Read and download the Unfair Shares report.

In an exclusive LA Times news article on our study, California Assemblyman Miguel Santiago said the Haas Institute's findings support his call for legislation to undo the decades of government policy that led to residential segregation across the country. “It’s not enough to not discriminate,” Santiago said. “We have to work at unwinding systematic discrimination that we’ve seen in urban planning over decades.”

Read the LA Times piece on the Unfair Shares report here. Read the press release about the report here