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  Horrendous Attack and Chevron-like Tactics?
September 12, 2017

The email copied below was sent by Gayle McLaughlin to her supporters this morning.

We have reached a time in Richmond where we no longer have any public media providing objective information about local politics, in this case, candidates for City Council. The East Bay Times has virtually abandoned Richmond, and Richmond is not a priority for the SF Chronicle. Richmond Confidential is still on summer vacation.

The only coverage of the current City Council selection process has been by Radio Free Richmond, which woke up from a long nap to carry candidate’s statements “in their own words,” interesting but certainly not objective.

People need to know about City Council candidates, especially the one who has been anointed by the RPA, SEIU and ACCE as the “preferred” candidate.

I got a lot of push back from RPA members because I published some articles Marilyn Langlois wrote and some statements she has made, showing her as devoted conspiracy theorist, a supporter of North Korea, and a believer in chemtrails and mind control. No one, however, has pointed out anything erroneous in what I have shared.

I think it is disingenuous of Gayle to characterize what I have shared as a “horrendous attack:” and “Chevron-like tactics.” Sometimes the truth hurts, but it will set you free.

Gayle’s email:

Dear friends and supporters,

Yesterday we received the most horrendous attack on Marilyn Langlois from Mayor Tom Butt.

It is not the first time that Tom Butt has utilized Chevron-like tactics to attack an RPA member.  This time Tom attacked Marilyn because she is the RPA's FIRST and PREFERRED CHOICE for the seat I vacated. Marilyn is also the FIRST recommendation of SEIU and the only recommendation of ACCE Action-Richmond.

Additionally many Richmond residents and local small business owners support Marilyn.

We must strongly reject Tom's insulting tactics with action and not just with words. 

Let's show love for our sister Marilyn who has done so much for our city as a community organizer and member of the Planning Commission.

I urge you to show up today at 6:15 PM at the Richmond City Council meeting (meeting itself starts at 6:30 pm) and stand for Marilyn when the City Council decides on the vacant seat.  Here is her candidate statement if you haven't already seen it:

Let's urge all Councilmembers to reject Tom Butt's attacks against Marilyn Langlois and to not validate him with a vote against Marilyn.

Gayle McLaughlin
Former Mayor, Richmond, CA
Candidate for Lt. Governor of California 2018