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  Terminal 1 Project ("Latitude")
August 16, 2017

This project had its fifth pre-application review by the BCDC Design Review Board on August 7.  For detailed information about the review and updates on the design, see the links below:

Terminal One/Latitude Project, City of Richmond, Contra Costa County (Fifth Pre-Application Review)
The Design Review Board will hold their fifth pre-application review of a redevelopment project for the 13-acre shoreline site, Terminal One. The proposed project would replace the heavy industrial port-related land use of the site with mixed-use development, involving the construction of approximately 316 residential units and the repurposing of the 50,000-square-foot Terminal One Wharf as a public waterfront park. In addition to the residential units and waterfront park, the proposed project would include the development of approximately 2,000 square feet of retail space, both public and private amenities, an extension of the Bay Trail (totaling 2,356 feet), and the construction of the publicly-accessible Shoreline Drive along the shoreline of the site. (Elena Perez) [415/352-3612;]
ESA View Impact Analysis (from EIR)
Responses to June 2016 DRB Comments
SGH Wave Run-up Analysis as submitted July 27, 2017 with Responses to Comments
BKF Memorandum Regarding BFE and SLR January 15, 2015
BKF Memorandum Regarding Design Features and Adaptive Measures to Address BFE and SLR (as submitted July 25, 2017 for August 8, 2017 ECRB Meeting)